Shanghai novel coronavirus pneumonia group is honored by TramyPublish Time:2020-10-26 09:55

Novel coronavirus pneumonia novel coronavirus pneumonia conference was held in Shanghai in September 29, 2020. The conference held a meeting in Shanghai, where the General Assembly advanced the advanced individuals, advanced collectives, outstanding communist party members and advanced grassroots party organizations emerging in the struggle against the new crown pneumonia epidemic. Novel coronavirus pneumonia (Shanghai) group has been awarded the advanced group title of Shanghai against the new crown pneumonia.

After the novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak, the group of Tramy responded with a high sense of responsibility and mission to respond to the decision making of the Party Central Committee, the State Council and the Shanghai municipal government for the first time.

Honors and awards are the recognition of Tramy group's active participation in the fight against the epidemic, but also the encouragement and encouragement of Tramy group's social responsibility. Tramy group will take this opportunity and power to carry forward the anti epidemic spirit, strengthen confidence, face difficulties, practice corporate social responsibility, continue to play the leading role of leading enterprises, further do well in the work of people's livelihood service guarantee, and help the high-quality development of regional economy.