Tramy brings holiday consolation to teachersPublish Time:2020-12-02 09:23

On September 10, 2020, Xu gendi, Secretary of the general Party branch of Tramy group, came to Sanzao school, Minghui kindergarten, Nanliu kindergarten, Sanzao kindergarten, Luyuan kindergarten, Xuanqiao experimental school, and Minle kindergarten to pay high respect to the front-line teachers who have worked hard, and expressed their greetings on the festival, and sent the consolation money. Secretary Xu gendi expressed his gratitude to all the teachers for their hard work in training students, expressed high respect for the teachers' silent dedication to the front line of education work, and expressed his appreciation for their cohesive and enterprising spirit. Responsible persons of kindergartens of the schools and kindergartens interviewed welcomed the visit, including Tramy's long-term attention to the development of education, and encouraged all staff to love their posts and work hard, advocate teachers' ethics, and be a good teacher of the party and the people.