Establishment of industry university research special project of Tramy GroupPublish Time:2021-01-11 02:13

On November 23, 2020, the list of projects to be approved by the industry university research (Artificial Intelligence) special fund project of science and technology development in Pudong New Area in 2020 was publicized, and the "development and application of intelligent analysis platform for rice planting" project declared by Shanghai Tramy green food (Group) Co., Ltd. was successfully approved.

In 2020, Shanghai Pudong New Area Science and technology development industry university research (Artificial Intelligence) special fund project is based on further promoting the rapid development of artificial intelligence industry in Pudong New Area, relying on artificial intelligence, digital twin and other intelligent interaction technology to accelerate the cultivation of "online new economy". Promote the integration and innovation of "industrial Internet platform + AI", support the research and application of digital twin, analog simulation and other technologies in industrial scenes; realize the research and development of industrial intelligence and other key technology innovation and technology transformation application through industrial intelligence technologies such as big data intelligence, machine learning algorithm and edge computing. We should actively lay out product innovation in key areas, promote technology integration and business model innovation, actively cultivate new business forms of artificial intelligence, and enhance the core competitiveness of the industry.

In 2020, only 17 projects of the industry university research (Artificial Intelligence) special fund for science and technology development in Pudong New Area have been approved, mainly including heavy manufacturing such as aircraft and ships, medical and other industries, involving computer vision, natural language processing, robotics and other related research fields, and the competition is extremely fierce. Relying on the resource advantages in the whole industry chain, combined with the software and hardware foundation and development strength of itself and its cooperative units, as well as the technical level and necessity of the project itself,Tramy group has been approved by experts and successfully established the project after three rounds of evaluation.

Tramy Group has been adhering to the development concept of green ecology in agriculture. Through the continuous introduction of advanced agricultural machinery and intelligent equipment, it has experimented and demonstrated a large number of cutting-edge and applicable agricultural technologies to promote the level of modern agriculture in Tramy. Based on AI intelligent analysis technology, this project aims to realize the real-time digitization of rice planting process, and form a set of intelligent agricultural management platform integrating collection, transmission, interpretation, simulation and decision-making through intelligent interpretation, modeling and decision-making of data. To achieve accurate, scientific and efficient management of agricultural production, to achieve the goal of improving quality and efficiency, high yield and quality. The success of this project indicates that the development level of modern agriculture of Tramy group has reached a new height. In the future, Tramy agriculture will accelerate the transformation and upgrading, lay out the development of agriculture 4.0, and build a leading benchmark of agricultural modernization in Shanghai.