Shanghai bean Association environmental safety work meeting held in TramyPublish Time:2021-11-23 02:24

The meeting of the environmental safety working committee of the bean products industry association was officially held in Tramy Group. Zhou hankang, executive vice president of the Shanghai bean products industry association, Wang Zhongren, member of the expert group of the environmental safety working committee of the association and former deputy chief of the Shanghai Environmental Supervision Corps, and Zhang Jianqiu, Secretary General of the association and director of the environmental safety working committee, attended the meeting. Yan yanpin, senior manager of environment, health and safety department of Tramy Group, received on site. 

The main purpose of this meeting was to discuss the green development trend of bean products industry. As the host, Tramy first shared with you its experience in dealing with thorny problems such as wastewater, oil fume and garbage generated in the production process of bean products, and led you to visit the environmental protection facilities of Tramy Group.

Advanced facilities, improved quality and efficiency

In terms of waste, traditional fried products have always used electrostatic adsorption to deal with oil fume. However, due to the huge daily output of Tramy fried production line, the temperature is high, the amount of oil fume is large, and the oil concentration is high, so the traditional electrostatic oil fume purifier is overwhelmed. Therefore, Tramy Group started the upgrading plan of oil fume purification facilities at the beginning of 2021, and completed the equipment installation and put into use in August. Through professional testing, the waste gas discharged by Tramy 's updated oil fume purification facilities has reached the emission standard of catering oil fume (DB31 / 844-2014) of Shanghai. During the visit, we learned about the advanced process of "waste collection, oil fume filtration, three-stage spraying, electrostatic purification, centrifugal fan and standard emission" adopted by Tramy company in the process of oil fume treatment, and praised the scientificity of the three wastes management of Tramy company.

At the centralized treatment point of classified waste of Tramy Group, we visited the classified treatment process of dry and wet waste of Tramy. Tramy has many product sequences, large production capacity and amazing waste output scale. Although Tramy has long adhered to scientific and rigorous classified management, there is no room to tap the potential from process management due to the huge amount of daily waste output. In 2021,Tramy introduced waste processing equipment such as kitchen crushers and presses to compress the dry and wet waste before the waste is cleared and transported. After treatment, nearly 2 / 3 of the waste volume has been reduced, only wet waste. After treatment, the actual number of clean and transport barrels of wet waste has decreased by 60%.

Through biogas power generation, Tramy has fully realized the power self-sufficiency of sewage treatment facilities. And realize the output of surplus power to production. In 2018, Tramy upgraded the existing wastewater treatment facilities, made full use of biogas and other renewable energy generated by anaerobic functional section, and met the energy supply requirements of the existing sewage station through energy exchange. In 2021,Tramy will continue to invest in the budget to build a new sewage biogas treatment facility. After the completion of the new facility, the daily treatment capacity will reach 8000 tons / day, and the pollutant concentration of the treated wastewater will be further reduced, which is far lower than the standard requirements. At the same time, Tramy also makes full use of pollution factor on-line monitoring equipment at the main wastewater outlet to achieve all-weather and all-round real-time monitoring and eliminate environmental accidents.

Ecological co creation and overall improvement

The field visit left a deep impression on everyone. Everyone appreciated the achievements of Tramy company in oil fume treatment, wastewater treatment and waste treatment, and spoke highly of the ecological environment and green development achievements of Tramy Group. Everyone said that the ecological environment governance in the bean products industry is a strategic common problem for the development of each enterprise. Brother enterprises in the bean products industry should strengthen learning and exchange, learn from each other's strengths to make up for their weaknesses and work together.

Zhang Jianqiu, Secretary General of Shanghai soybean products industry association and director of the environmental safety working committee, reviewed and summarized the work of the association's environmental safety working committee after its establishment. He said that previous presidents attached great importance to energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental protection in the industry, especially after Tramy Shen Jianhua served as chairman in 2017, he further strengthened the development of green ecology, It is proposed to establish an environmental safety working committee and a food safety working committee, hire environmental protection experts to act as environmental protection consultants, and carry out a series of activities such as environmental protection technology training and lectures on environmental protection regulations, so as to significantly improve the environmental protection awareness of a large number of enterprise leaders and improve the green development level of the industry as a whole.

Zhou hankang, executive vice president of the association, made a summary of the meeting. He first thanked Tramy Group for providing such a good platform to share, learn and communicate with you, and thanked experts for their concern and guidance. He urged all member enterprises to give top priority to environmental protection and safety in the process of enterprise development, manage enterprises with the concept of legal system and make good use of social resources, We will build a mechanism for enterprises to jointly discuss environmental protection and governance, and improve the environmental safety of the bean products industry.