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Fresh Food CVS Model

Tramy Fresh Food CVS Model is a brand new community fresh food service store created by Tramy group. It covers an area of 100-400 square meters. It is small and beautiful, small and complete. It is positioned in the 15 minute community public service circle and covers 300 meters around it. It meets the people's demand for high-quality food and high-quality life, and provides Shanghai residents with all kinds of community fresh food with medium and low prices, super convenience and traceability Food service.

Fresh to Point Home(B2C)

Tramy Fresh To Point Home(B2C) mode is a front Warehouse Mobile Fresh e-commerce platform. It integrates Internet, big data and Internet of things technology. Relying on the perfect Qingmei fresh supply chain and intelligent distribution system, it realizes the "instant delivery" of online shopping through self built community front-end warehouses. Order to the nearest warehouse, distribution, distribution, and distribution system.

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Fresh To Enterprise Company Model(B2B)

Tramy Fresh To Enterprise Company Model(B2B) mainly provides food materials distribution for enterprises and institutions, school canteens, hotels and restaurants. Relying on Tramy global supply chain system and central kitchen processing technology, it adopts flexible application methods such as cold chain logistics and limited time distribution to ensure the product quality, price and stable supply of food materials for unit customers.

Fresh Food OMO Model

Tramy Fresh Food OMO Model mode is the exploration and practice of Qingmei's new retail. It integrates modern information technology, big data, artificial intelligence technology, store warehouse integration and integration of the two, and will become a smart vegetable farm in 5g era. Through open linkage layout, we can share consumption flow, warehouse logistics and product resources.

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Fresh New Catering Model

Tramy Fresh New Catering Model combines Chinese and Western catering culture organically, relying on Tramy's powerful dish research and development strength, central kitchen processing capacity and cold chain operation advantages, to create a new generation of urban new catering. It is close to community and office buildings, with an area of about 200 square meters. It provides more than 200 products including four King Kong, eight major cuisines and all kinds of Western food. Moreover, the dishes can be renovated quickly and can be served as takeout in the dining room. It can provide convenient, healthy, nutritious and affordable three meals a day for consumers.