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Tramy Fresh Food Supply Chain

Since its establishment, what Tramy has never forgotten is its adherence to product quality, adhering to the principle of high standards from the source and strictly controlling the links of product quality control. Tramyi has built its own non transgenic soybean base, vegetable planting base, pig and poultry breeding base and aquaculture base combining planting and breeding with ecological cycle in China, and has established strict standardized base management mode and standard inspection and quarantine system, and its products can be traced back to seedling / seed source link.

Tramy uses a variety of procurement modes to meet the needs of different consumers. In addition to the domestic self built base, unified purchase, direct purchase and supplier procurement, it also carries out overseas procurement. Overseas, Tramy mainly purchases high-quality aquatic products, meat products, fruits and vegetables, dairy products and other commodities from all continents of the world. According to GMP and HACCP food cleanliness class 100000 standard, the factory designs and builds a central kitchen. It introduces more than 100 advanced production lines, intelligent automatic processing, environmental protection packaging, sterilization and sealing. The whole fresh processing process improves efficiency and reduces losses significantly.

Tramy group always regards food safety as the lifeline of the enterprise, creates a national first-class inspection and testing center, and implements the quality control of the whole supply chain. We will implement scientific and rigorous monitoring, appraisal and evaluation of the international high standards and the quality and safety of products, and comprehensively implement the "four return to zero" goals of zero industrial injury in production safety, zero complaint on food safety, zero error in quality assurance and zero pollution in environmental hygiene. Qingmei group insists on setting up a protective network for product quality with strict quality control management, and is committed to developing the urban fresh food supply chain system to create fresh and safe, first-class quality and people-friendly Tramy products.

Six Elements Of Tramy Food Safety Supply Chain Management