Tramy won the title of advanced private enterprise against pneumoniaPublish Time:2021-01-11 02:56

The COVID-19 is a new product of the new era. To vigorously promote the great spirit of the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia, fully arouse the sense of responsibility, sense of honor and sense of honor and the strong energy of the masses of the private sector, the National Federation of industry and Commerce recently announced that the 1000 national "Shanghai green beauty foods" (Group) Co., Ltd. will fight the new crown pneumonia. "Advanced private enterprises" were praised.

In the severe struggle against the new epidemic situation in China, the majority of domestic private enterprises give full play to their own advantages, actively fulfill their social responsibilities, and make important contributions to do a solid job in the "six stabilities" work, implement the "six guarantees" task, and promote economic and social development. As an urban livelihood food enterprise, Tramy group is always responsible for the epidemic situation, doubling the supply of fresh production capacity, stabilizing the operation of the channel network, producing masks and ensuring the supply of epidemic prevention. The praise given by the all China Federation of industry and commerce to the work of Tramy during the epidemic period is not only an incentive to the people's livelihood work of Tramy, but also a driving force. Tramy will adhere to a higher pattern, greater kinetic energy and more solid work, do its best to do a good job in the supply of fresh food in the city, and make greater contributions to the people's better life.