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Tramy VIP Mode

Tramy VIP specializes in a member warehousing optimization model, which achieves high quality and low prices through large-scale procurement, warehousing and mass sales, self owned brands, self built logistics, and strict manual selection. It brings members over 5000 popular fresh produce and various products worth more than money, meeting their needs for high cost-effective products and online and offline consumption scenarios.

Tramy Cloud Market Mode

Tramy Cloud Market specializes in an online supermarket model, providing consumers with one-stop fresh food customization and delivery services through the Tramy Yunchao app or mini program. Tramy Yunchao provides fresh agricultural products such as fresh vegetables and fruits, river seafood, meat, poultry, and eggs, as well as processed foods such as pre made vegetables, bean noodles, cooked food, light food, as well as over 7000 daily necessities such as grain and oil, seasoning, rest, washing, and general merchandise, which can basically meet the daily needs of families. The user places an order before 22:30 and the goods will be delivered to their home the next day.

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Tramy Fresh B2B Mode

Tramy Fresh B2B mode, relying on its strong global supply chain and central factory customization processing capabilities.It adopts flexible methods such as cold chain logistics, hot chain logistics, and limited time delivery to provide direct delivery services for tens of thousands of fresh ingredients and daily necessities for customers in enterprises, institutions, school canteens, hotels, and catering in the Yangtze River Delta region. Tramy Fresh B2B app has 20000 ToB users in the Yangtze River Delta region.

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Tramy Fresh CVS Mode

Tramy fresh CVS mode focuses on the fresh convenience store model, positioning itself in the 15 minute public service circle around the community, covering approximately 2000 households within 300 meters of the store. It can provide over 4000 types of fresh food and daily necessities with full range, high quality, medium to low price, and super convenience. At the same time, based on offline stores and using the internet as a carrier, we will build online platforms to meet the diverse consumption needs of consumers.

Tramy Catering Community cafeteria model

Tramy Catering focuses on the community cafeteria model, relying on its strong central kitchen processing and standardized management capabilities to achieve integrated management of the front, middle, and back ends. The store operates eight major cuisines, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner, providing citizens with 24/7 ready to eat and takeout services, and assisting in the construction of elderly care communities.