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Fresh Food OMO Model

Tramy Fresh Food OMO Model mode is the exploration and practice of Qingmei's new retail. It integrates modern information technology, big data, artificial intelligence technology, store warehouse integration and integration of the two, and will become a smart vegetable farm in 5g era. Through open linkage layout, we can share consumption flow, warehouse logistics and product resources.

Fresh To Enterprise Company Model(B2B)

Tramy Fresh To Enterprise Company Model(B2B) mainly provides food materials distribution for enterprises and institutions, school canteens, hotels and restaurants. Relying on Tramy global supply chain system and central kitchen processing technology, it adopts flexible application methods such as cold chain logistics and limited time distribution to ensure the product quality, price and stable supply of food materials for unit customers.

Fresh Food OMO Model

Tramy Online Supermarket is a self operated online fresh supermarket under Tramy Group. It mainly focuses on fresh food and takes into account daily miscellaneous items. It operates more than 5000 products in 16 categories, which can basically meet the daily consumption needs of families. Tramy Online Supermarket focuses on the service concept of "Tramy's own dishes, fresh half a day". Customers can place orders in the morning and deliver them in the afternoon. Orders in the afternoon can be delivered to the door at any time in the next fresh food services with high quality, medium and low price, super convenience and traceability.

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Tramy's Flavour New Catering Mode

Tramy's Flavouris the catering brand line of Tramy Group, with a wide range of business scope, including different catering modes such as noodle restaurant, Shanghai Cookie, baked coffee, canteen, small hot pot, spicy hot, cooked food, pizza hamburger and private room meal, aiming to bring high-quality catering services and consumption experience to community residents.