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Store franchise requirements
Usable area
Not less than 120 square meters (subject to the actual measurement).
Store facade inner diameter
The width shall not be less than 6.0 meters and the height shall not be less than 2.8 meters.
Three phase, more than 45kw power (or although not up to 45kw, but the lessor promises to increase the capacity).
Effective population of business district
Within a radius of 300 meters, there are more than 2000 effective households.
Rent price
The rental price is reasonable (including transfer fee) and is not higher than the same surrounding price.
List Of Essential Materials
Copy of ownership certificate of rental house
Seal or signature
Copy of ownership certificate of rental house
Seal or signature
Original certificate of CO owner's consent to lease
The rental housing belongs to the common housing
Original certificate of entrusted materials
Belongs to the entrusted lease
Original of materials agreed to sublease
The original lease contract or sublease agreement certificate belongs to the second landlord.
House partition plan
Seal or signature of the property owner (if any)
Certification Points
Whether the owner of the house is consistent with the name of the house ownership certificate.
If the jointly owned house is leased, whether there is any certificate of consent of all other co owners.
In the case of an entrusted lease contract, whether or not the trustee exercises the corresponding rights within the entrusted authority.
The purpose of the house is for business or commercial use. If the purpose of the house is changed from residential to commercial use, it shall be agreed by the interested owners and meet the requirements of national laws and regulations, local regulations and normative documents.
Review whether the current situation of the leased house and its ancillary facilities and equipment meet the use requirements.
Examine whether the leased house is included in the scope of demolition.
In case of any of the following circumstances, the house shall not be leased 1) It is an illegal building;
2) Failing to meet the compulsory standards for safety and disaster prevention;
3) Changing the use nature of the house in violation of regulations;
4) Other circumstances prohibited by laws and regulations.
The original copies of the relevant certificates and documents of the leased house provided by the lessor shall be reviewed, and if necessary, the local real estate management department shall be consulted for confirmation.
Cooperation Hotline
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