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Tramy soybean products popular science education base / Shanghai Industrial Tourism Project

Tramy Food Science Education Base is located at No. 201 Xuanchun Road and No. 661 Xuanxia Road, Sanzao Industrial Park, Pudong New Area, Shanghai. , with a total area of more than 3,000 square meters, is one of the industrial tourist attractions in Shanghai.

In the Tramy Soybean Products Popularization Education Base, we will systematically display the development of the Chinese nation's soy product culture from ancient times to the present. We will present you a Condensed "Encyclopedia of Soy Products".

Tramy Soybean Products Science Education Base is divided into three parts: "Soybean Products Exhibition Hall", "Open Laboratory" and "Fully Transparent Production Workshop". With the attention of science and technology, a general introduction to the nutritional knowledge of soy products was made, aiming to help the public to purchase and eat soy products more scientifically and effectively. The setting of the open laboratory and the fully transparent production workshop not only meets the audience's needs for understanding the production process of soy products, but also shows the development of modern soy product production technology in an intuitive way. The three areas are closely connected on the visiting route, have good guiding signs, and have relevant personnel to explain the whole process, which has a relatively good ability to visit and receive.

Tramy Group Food and Drug Featured Science Station is jointly built by Tramy Group and Xuanqiao Town Market Supervision and Management Institute. The popular science station integrates enterprise visits, popular science publicity, interesting interaction, rapid detection, large screen monitoring of the whole industry chain, Tramy brain intelligence cloud, and Yaolu Village outfield base. Through the screening room to watch the food and drug science safety propaganda films, the reading area to read popular science newspapers and books, and the interactive area to experience the food production process, participate in food safety traceability and interesting quizzes to promote food and drug safety science knowledge. Visitors can test commonly used foods for pesticide residues, nitrites, non-GMO soybeans, etc. in the food rapid inspection room, and through the whole industry chain monitoring large screen, they can understand the situation of the whole industry chain of primary, secondary and tertiary production in real time, and control the Tramy smart cloud system. Food base, supply chain and industrial chain big data. In addition, the site also has an outfield base in Yaolu Village, where visitors can intuitively experience planting, processing and terminal sites offline.

Tramy Group Food and Drug Science Station comprehensively uses cutting-edge technologies such as Internet big data, aiming to build a food safety knowledge popularization position, popularize food and drug safety knowledge, and guide the public. Safer and more comfortable.

Base address: No. 661 Xuanxia Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai
Reservation Tel: 58032096
Opening hours: 8:00 am ~ 4:00 pm (except Spring Festival holidays)