Oil tofu automatic packaging machine, vegetable sausage automatic winding machine on line!Publish Time:2020-10-22 10:14

The two-layer automatic packaging machine for oil tofu stands in the workshop behind the bean curd, showing a strong sense of science and technology. The fried oil tofu is poured into the material lifting tank and transported to the high-rise for weighing and packaging. The packaged oil tofu is spitted out at the lower end, and the employees are stacked neatly in the turnover basket. The whole process is completed in one go. Oil bean curd workshop of No.3 Factory introduced that after the automatic packaging machine was put on line, the efficiency was improved, and the labor intensity was reduced. "We all stretched out a lot in our work", and we really felt the convenience brought by intelligent.

After the selection and selection of the factory and equipment department, the automatic gluten winding machine was finally settled in the plain sausage workshop of the third factory. For a long time, the production of plain sausage is still in the stage of manual operation, and the work sequence needs to wrap raw materials around fingers, which will increase the burden of employees' hands. In practice, the raw tendon is lowered from the upper pipe to the multi-layer winding groove. After multi-layer winding, it is cut and plain sausage is formed, which saves the staff the link of raw tendon winding hand, and the production efficiency is also improved to a certain extent. There is no precedent in the production of plain sausage automation industry. On the one hand, the full-automatic gluten roll (plain sausage) winding machine is put on line, which not only embodies the scientific and technological innovation spirit of Tramy, but also shows Tramy's humanistic care for front-line workers.