Shanghai Science and technology support project of Tramy group in 2020Publish Time:2020-10-22 11:06

On May 18, 2020, the list of agricultural science and technology projects in Shanghai 2020 Shanghai Science and technology innovation action plan was announced. The project "research and demonstration application of vegetable preservation and green safety key technology based on ε - polylysine and plant extract fence factor" jointly declared by Tramy group and Shanghai Academy of Sciences of Chinese Academy of Sciences was successfully approved.

In 2020, there are 38 projects in the field of agricultural science and technology in Shanghai Science and technology innovation action plan. Among them, 30 projects are undertaken by institutions such as Shanghai Universities and scientific research institutes, and only 8 projects are undertaken by enterprises. The competition is very fierce. With the advantages of resources and technology in the field of agriculture, the advantages of industry university research cooperation with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the technical level and necessity of the project itself, Tramy group was finally approved by experts after three rounds of evaluation, and the project was successfully established. 

This project is mainly to use ε - poly-L-lysine and plant extracts to make palisade compound, study its key technology in vegetable preservation and food safety guarantee, and carry out demonstration application. Through this green and safe biological preservation technology, the shelf life of vegetables after picking can be prolonged, the growth and reproduction of microorganisms can be inhibited, and the deterioration of vegetables, especially green leafy vegetables, can be delayed It is of great significance to protect food safety, increase economic benefits or reduce the pollution and protection of the environment.