Tramy won the first Shanghai snack festival in 2020Publish Time:2020-10-22 11:22

As a supporting activity of 55 Shopping Festival, May 15, 2020 The first Shanghai snack festival was held in the whole city of Shanghai. The festival not only has a great collection of traditional snacks, new varieties of snacks and fashionable snacks from all over the world, but also publishes a list of Mordo snacks featuring "people-friendly selection, memory of Shanghai, must eat when red, fashionable products of different countries, and new selection of fresh taste". Tramy is the first time The snack Festival brought four King Kong products, such as fried dough sticks, rice dumplings, soybean milk and steamed buns, which won the first Shanghai snack festival in 2020 - the best selection award of Mindu magic capital.