Tramy Group vegetable product quality standard officially releasedPublish Time:2020-10-23 04:13

Recently, Shanghai Tramy Green Food (Group) Co., Ltd. has officially issued the quality standards for water spinach, chicken feather vegetables and tomato.

Pudong New Area is one of the first regions to implement the quality standards of agricultural products, including Nanhui 8424 watermelon, honey peach, melon and honey pear. Now they all have the product quality standards listed on the market. But so far, these standards are still limited to melons and fruits. As for vegetables, due to the variety and variety of vegetables, there is still no perfect and scientific product quality standard to realize the brand process of "agricultural products into commodities". 

As a leading enterprise in agricultural industry, Tramy takes the lead in the implementation of vegetable product quality standards, complements the regional vegetable standardization growth link, and helps Pudong real estate standardized production of agricultural products to a higher level. This is an important highlight of Tramy's product standard formulation and standardization after the production of Q / raab005s (gluten products) and Q / raab004s (beancurd products).

Shanghai Tramy Ggreen food (Group) Co., Ltd. has the quality standard of water spinach product, chicken feather vegetable product quality standard and tomato product quality standard. It is concise and comprehensive, with clear identification and considerable professional degree.

For example, "tomato product quality standard", with two tables and more than 20 pictures, clearly marked the definition and diagram of tomato cracking, mechanical injury, deformity, diseases and insect pests, the basic requirements of commercial fruit, the classification standard of tomato grade, the measurement and judgment standard, etc. In appearance, even detailed to the corresponding color card number of different varieties of color; in flavor, the detailed measurement method of sweetness and acidity.

"It used to be a little more colloquial, but now all aspects of color, sour and sweet can be solidified with pictures or data. We want to make sure that even if the purchasing staff don't understand it very well, they can go to collect the vegetables with this standard. " Tramy Technology Center said. It is reported that by the end of 2020, the group will complete the product quality standards for more than 20 kinds of products in 10 categories, improve the enterprise supply chain, and effectively reduce product quality disputes in the acquisition of agricultural products.