Tramy Group and zhangjiaqiao village signed the party building joint construction agreementPublish Time:2020-10-23 04:23

On the afternoon of July 16, the general branch of Tramy party and zhangjiaqiao Party branch of Xuanqiao town formally signed a joint construction agreement.

According to the agreement, the general Party branch of Tramy and the general Party branch of zhangjiaqiao village will establish a working group of Party building joint construction activities, regularly contact the system, timely understand the production and operation situation of the fruit and vegetable production base in zhangjiaqiao village, continuously strengthen the system construction, discussion procedures and mass publicity, further promote the economic integration of Tramy fruit and vegetable base and zhangjiaqiao village, and promote the development of modern agriculture in zhangjiaqiao village Large collective economic income, promote farmers to increase income, to achieve a deeper level of village enterprise alliance.