Tramy won the second place of Shanghai advanced quality management method in 2020Publish Time:2020-10-26 10:23

According to the joint action arrangement of "quality month" of Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui, Jiangxi and Shanghai in 2020, the market supervision and Administration Bureau of Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui, Jiangxi and Shanghai four provinces and one city jointly carried out the activity of selecting advanced quality management methods. Since 2020, Shanghai Group has won the first place in the list of "advanced quality supervision methods" organized by Shanghai Municipal Bureau of quality supervision.

After 22 years of development,Tramy group has developed into a modern large-scale food enterprise that controls the whole industrial chain. In order to achieve the company's vision, make the Tramy business to a higher level, and become a global respected food enterprise, the company's leadership has put forward the "four return to zero" management goal. In order to achieve the "four return to zero" management, combined with the successful experience of Tramy company, the company manages The senior management team proposed the "seven ones" quality and safety management mode. The "seven ones" quality and safety management mode absorbed the "four return to zero" management objectives and regarded it as one of the "seven ones" elements. The connotation of the "seven ones" quality and safety management mode of Tramy company includes:

One vision: to build the quality and safety competitiveness of the whole industry chain.

A positioning: support brand, service operation.

One line: the mass line.

One goal: four return to zero management objectives: Zero occurrence of food safety accident, zero complaint of quality assurance, zero occurrence of industrial accident and zero error of environmental hygiene.

A set of mechanisms (eight mechanisms): Double prevention mechanism, three-level inspection mechanism, three-level product evaluation mechanism, "five no" agricultural disability control mechanism, major project guarantee and supply mechanism, major public health epidemic prevention mechanism, customer service quick processing mechanism, to build an operation mechanism with Tramy characteristics.

A batch of projects (ten major projects): Shanghai municipal government quality award application, Shanghai brand creation, Expo guarantee, green certification of base vegetables, special project of whole industry chain supervision and improvement, construction of front warehouse business type, intelligent traceability construction, system renewal and version change, additive plasticizer control and so on. The project operation deepens pdcas closed-loop management.

One guide: 1434 Action Guide:1: one line (mass line); 4: four starting points (regulations, systems, objectives, projects); 3: three steps of quality operation (compliance, standardization, three-level inspection); 4: four steps of quality improvement (training and assessment, benchmarking rectification, supervision and management inspection, assessment and rectification).

Since the implementation of the "seven one" quality and safety management mode, the quality awareness of employees has been significantly improved, and the one-time defective rate of products has been significantly reduced; the customer complaint rate has been significantly reduced (the product customer complaint rate has been controlled within "Six Sigma"), and the customer satisfaction with Tramy has been increased by 5.3 percentage points; the market share has been steadily increased, which has improved the company's production and operation efficiency, which is favorable support Good brand communication effect has been achieved through supply guarantee and epidemic prevention.