Experience Tramy culture on the spot and promote the growth of employeesPublish Time:2020-10-26 11:39

At 12:30 p.m. on August 28, the enterprise bus of Tramy group drove into Si'an International Park to welcome colleagues who are going to the headquarters to study corporate culture on the spot. On the way, the old colleagues were explaining some of the structure and layout of the headquarters to the new colleagues. The new colleagues listened with great interest and wished to see the real scene immediately.

From the gate of phase II, the bus shuttles all the way to the front of the first phase administrative building. During the process, colleagues visited some external configuration of the factory through the window glass, especially when they saw the neat rows of cold chain trucks, they were amazed at the strength of the company. Our colleagues who are specially responsible for reception have already been waiting for us in the visiting Hall of the administration building. The colleagues who explained the company's building model to the company's development process, from the company's current situation to its future planning, bit by bit. New and old colleagues have a new understanding of Tramy group's current situation and future development, and at the same time, they have more clearly defined the importance of the current work function. There are also several "Tramy second generation" children in the visiting team. They are very interested in the tofu production technology in the exhibition hall. They have been asking about the East and the west, and are more proud of "their parents are making fresh food in Tramy".

After the tour hall, we followed our colleagues into the visiting passage of the bean flour production workshop. Dozens of automatic production lines were shown in front of us. The high degree of automation deeply shocked everyone present. "Science and technology is the first productive force". The development of an enterprise can not do without technology. During the visit, we are also discussing how our work can contribute to the development of the company and how to devote what we have learned to the company. The on-the-spot corporate culture training enables all employees to have a deeper recognition of their work. In recent years, the informatization and intellectualization of Tramy group's factories have made a qualitative leap. The automation of some production lines, the informatization of warehousing, the intellectualization of logistics and the e-commerce of sales have been preliminarily improved. This is inseparable from the strong support of the group leaders and the joint efforts of all colleagues in the information technology center. Our goal is to make all factories of Qingmei intelligent and informationized, This road has a long way to go.

Although the meaning is not enough, more content still needs to be digested slowly for a long time. With the rapid development of Tramy group, we must have a high degree of identification with corporate culture, give full play to our strengths on the platform of Tramy, and help the development of the company. Corporate culture training is the link that we highly identify with the corporate culture. We will adhere to the continuous corporate culture training to promote the continuous improvement of the corporate culture quality of all employees of the information department.