Tramy Group completes the food security work of 3rd Import ExpoPublish Time:2020-12-24 02:31

The third China International Import Expo was held in Shanghai from November 5 to 10. Under the condition of normalization of epidemic prevention and control, the Expo is an international economic and trade event with the largest scale, the largest number of participating countries, and the combination of online and offline. It shows the major achievements of epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development in China.

In this Expo, Tramy Group supplies food to the venues and guarantee teams of the 3rd ICIF through xinbohai distribution center, Zhending catering, Mr. Cai, Longshen catering, lvjie central kitchen, shenglijie central kitchen, and Shanghai Zhifa Food Co., Ltd., providing 88 varieties of products and ingredients, with a total supply of about 32 tons, which is more than that of the 2nd ICIF The demand has increased by about 50%.

In addition to the third Food Expo, the group should continue to achieve the goal of "No Food Poisoning and No Market Complaints" for the prevention and control of food poisoning. The novel coronavirus epidemic prevention and control group is strictly implemented  under the guidance of the chairman and general manager, and the group's epidemic prevention and control team implements the new type of coronavirus epidemic prevention and control plan. On the basis of summarizing the supply experience of the previous two fairs, Tramy Group and its subsidiaries have made more meticulous management. The guarantee team led by the factory directors and quality managers has fully implemented the food safety control measures during the Expo. Each product has been checked before delivery, delivered by special vehicles, and strictly controlled the cold chain.

The third ICIF is of special significance. Tramy Group has further enhanced the sense of responsibility, mission and urgency of its enterprises. With higher standards and more precise measures, it has closely grasped the epidemic prevention and control, kept improving, implemented various tasks of urban service guarantee, and successfully completed the supply guarantee task of the third ICIF. The quality and safety section of Tramy Group will continue to implement the high quality management requirements during the Expo, and take the opportunity of ensuring supply during the Expo to continuously improve the level of food quality and safety management!