Bai Zhiyun, Minister of propaganda of Midu County , and his party visit TramyPublish Time:2020-12-24 02:37

On November 6, Bai Zhiyun, member of the Standing Committee and director of publicity of Midu County, Yunnan Province, and his party visited Tramy. Shen Yingjun, Secretary of the Party committee of Xuanqiao Town, Feng Xin, deputy secretary of the Party committee and mayor of Xuanqiao Town, Zhuang Xiaomin, member of the Party committee, and Shen Jianhua, chairman of the Tramy Group, warmly received them. Bai Zhiyun, member of the Standing Committee of Midu County Party committee, introduced in detail the progress of pairing assistance work with Xuanqiao town at the current stage. He expressed his gratitude to Shanghai Tramy Green Food (Group) Co., Ltd., a caring enterprise in Xuanqiao Town, for its help in industrial exchange and agricultural production and supply. He hoped that Midu and Xuanqiao town and Qingmei, a caring enterprise, would continue to vigorously carry out talent support, labor service cooperation and industrial cultivation Cooperation in various aspects will make greater achievements in Shanghai Yunnan cooperation.