Tramy Group was recognized as 2nd batch of breakfast demonstration sitesPublish Time:2020-12-24 02:43

Breakfast is an important window for people to feel the temperature and heat of Shanghai. On November 18, the awarding ceremony of the second batch of demonstration points of Shanghai breakfast project and the exhibition of sharing and healthy breakfast achievements were held in Wujiaochang sunken plaza. Tramy Group participated in the exhibition and was recognized as the second batch of breakfast demonstration sites in Shanghai. Zong Ming, vice mayor of Shanghai Municipal People's government, Hua Yuan, Secretary of the Party group and director of Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce, and other leaders attended the event.

The picture shows Zong Ming, vice mayor of Shanghai (seventh from the left), and enterprises of Shanghai breakfast project demonstration site

Group food chain director Liu Wanlong (third from the left) came to the stage to receive the recognized bronze medal on behalf of Tramy

Hua Yuan, Secretary of the Party group and director of the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce, said at the meeting: Recently, the Shanghai municipal Party committee and the municipal government have issued a three-year action plan for the construction of the breakfast project, which clearly proposes to build a breakfast supply system with the central kitchen as the core, chain breakfast outlets as the main body, and featured single shops, mobile dining cars, and delivery platform distribution as supplements.

It is reported that the number of enterprises identified in the second batch of breakfast demonstration sites of Shanghai breakfast project has increased from 15 in the first batch to 26, and the number of brands involved has increased from 16 to 28. As a brand with wide popularity or closely related to people's life, Tramy, Starbucks, Wufeng Shangshi and other enterprises have entered the list of the second batch of breakfast demonstration sites. After accepting the identification, the four major brands of the breakfast project will be listed Posted in the fresh food store of Tramy, the icon is composed of four famous brands: the baker and the representative food of traditional breakfast in Shanghai. It symbolizes the rising trend of the breakfast industry and the outstanding contribution of Tramy in the field of traditional rice flour breakfast products.

At the exhibition, Zong Ming, vice mayor of Shanghai Municipal People's government, visited the Tramy exhibition stand. Liu Wanlong, director of food chain of Tramy group, gave a detailed introduction to the breakfast project progress, market share and product coverage of Qingmei group. Vice Mayor Zongming affirmed Tramy's contribution and achievements to the city's breakfast work. She encouraged the Tramy team to make persistent efforts to deliver better breakfast food to the public table.

Over the years, under the leadership of chairman Shen Jianhua, Tramy group has actively participated in the breakfast project in Shanghai. Relying on its own integrated production and distribution center for breakfast semi-finished products with full industrial chain system, environmental protection and health, it adopts standardized production and processing and low-temperature cold chain logistics distribution, bringing delicious, nutritious, convenient and diversified high-quality Tramy breakfast experience for the public.

At present, Tramy has more than 300 prepackaged breakfast products such as steamed buns, fresh noodles, dumplings wonton, baked bread and so on. Tramy rice and flour products are well-known and have become another shining business card of Tramy products. In the future, Tramy will continue to play the leading role of national staple food processing demonstration enterprises, adhere to high-quality development, improve product technology level and channel coverage, continuously output richer, healthier and more convenient breakfast food for the public, fully support the three-year action plan of Shanghai breakfast project construction, and contribute to the people's better life.