Tramy whole industry chain helps vegetables survive the cold winterPublish Time:2021-02-04 02:55

When the clock was just set to 2021, strong cold air came. On January 7, the local temperature in Shanghai dropped to - 9 ° C, the lowest in the same period of 2000. People generally worried: will the supply of leafy vegetables be cut off?

In the face of the overlord cold wave, Tramy, as a key guarantee enterprise of main and non-staple food in Shanghai, bravely took the responsibility and responded to the work deployment of Shanghai Agricultural and Rural Committee on winter vegetable production for the first time, implementing the "first level guarantee measures for green leafy vegetables", In order to prepare for the supply of non-staple food during the Spring Festival, we should increase the number of imported vegetables, strengthen field management and disaster prevention preparation, strictly control the quality of products, and steadily improve the supply of green leafy vegetables.

The picture shows:on January 15, 2021, Guan Xiaojun, deputy director of Pudong New Area (second from left), Su Jinshan, director of agriculture and Rural Committee of Pudong New Area (first from left) and other leaders inspected the green leafy vegetables supply site of zhangjiaqiao base

First level guarantee of green leafy vegetables

On January 7, the local temperature in Shanghai dropped to - 9 ° C, the lowest since 2000.

A week ago, at the beginning of January, the management of Tramy group predicted the impact of the cold wave, quickly organized the fresh food purchasing department, production center, agricultural base, logistics and distribution, launched the "first level supply guarantee measures for green leafy vegetables" and implemented the price stability and supply guarantee. 

On January 4, the first cold wave of 2021 struck, and the local temperature in Shanghai dropped sharply. In order to prevent the extremely cold weather from being harvested in other places, Tramy fresh food purchasing department urgently increased the purchasing reserves of green leafy vegetables.

In the Nicheng base, the staff made early preparations, stepped up the maintenance of agricultural facilities, repaired the damaged greenhouses, installed skirt films around the nursery, and combined with double-layer sunshade nets at night to maintain the seedling temperature. In zhangjiaqiao base, the base staff quickly collected mature vegetables, purchased cold proof materials and heating equipment. According to the characteristics of different crops, the base also implemented topdressing to increase nutrients for vegetables and enhance the resistance of crops.

Mechanized production ensures output

At the same time, zhangjiaqiao base, as the base with the highest level of vegetable production mechanization in Shanghai, has become a bright spot to cope with extremely cold weather, fully develop mechanized production horsepower, and stabilize the yield and quality of green leafy vegetables. According to the relevant person in charge of the base, in extreme weather, vegetables are the most urgent to be collected. "From January 6 to 10, we prepared 100 tons of short legged greens, which are popular in Shanghai, five times as much as usual," according to Tramy fresh food purchasing department. It is understood that at present, Tramy green leafy vegetables are mainly supplied through three channels, with a large number of self owned bases, supplemented by local and foreign procurement. Since January 4, the fresh food purchasing department has launched a multi-party attack to contact suppliers in Hainan, Yunnan and Shandong. On the premise of accurately predicting the market sales, the Department has adopted the principle of purchasing as much as possible to increase its reserves. Tramy insists on zero inventory of daily green leafy vegetables to cope with extremely cold weather. The purchasing team of Tramy increases the reserve to four days, doubling the supply channel network.

The base is well protected against cold

Fresh vegetables are running at a high speed in the whole industry chain of Tramy. Tramy green leafy vegetables are abundant in quantity and stable in price. They are imported into the Tramy channel network throughout Shanghai and are well received by the public. From January 1 to 10, all walks of life focused on Tramy agricultural production. During this period, Shanghai mainstream media such as Shanghai TV news comprehensive channel, Shangguan news of Jiefang Daily and labor daily reported Tramy. Besides focusing on Tramy channel supply, media reporters also focused on the source of the whole industrial chain. Under the cold wave, Tramy agricultural bases performed particularly well.

In early January, in the face of strong cold air, Tramy agriculture paid close attention to the field management and disaster prevention preparation. Each base made keeping crops warm as the primary task to ensure the growing vegetables to resist the cold wave, and paid special attention to the growth of vegetables during the seedling period to ensure the stable supply at present and in the future.

However, it is very difficult to recruit temporary workers, and mechanized harvesting can be used at any time, the efficiency is more than 20 times of the traditional mode, greatly improving the production. On January 6, under the attention of media reporters, 200 mu of green leafy vegetables were harvested in zhangjiaqiao base, and nearly 15 tons of green leafy vegetables were harvested in the morning. The mechanically harvested vegetables are transported to the packaging workshop by cold chain logistics vehicles and sent to stores for sale on the same day to supplement the market supply. The efficiency becomes higher and the quality is better. At the scene of zhangjiaqiao base on January 6, some media sighed that in the future, the best green leafy vegetables in Shanghai may not be ethnic. The production of green leafy vegetables in Shanghai It's the right time to change people by machine!!!