Zhang Tao, deputy director of human resources and Social Security Bureau of Pudong New AreaPublish Time:2021-02-04 03:18

The Spring Festival is coming, and I feel deeply in the cold. On January 14, Zhang Tao, deputy director of the human resources and Social Security Bureau of Pudong New Area, and Xu zhebo, deputy director of the insurance department, came to Tramy company to pay a visit to the company's employees from Dali, Yunnan Province, and send them condolence gifts and new year's greetings in advance. At present, Tramy company has 40 employees in Dali, Yunnan Province. The leaders of the district introduced in detail to the employees the measures of regional epidemic prevention and supply guarantee during the festival, the relevant subsidy policies for the personnel from Yunnan Province to Shanghai, and the precautions during the festival. They also expressed their thanks for all their efforts to support the urban epidemic prevention and supply guarantee. Zhou Lihua, deputy mayor of Xuanqiao Town, Zuo Longwu, deputy general manager of Tramy group, Zhao Jianchen, director of human resources center, and other relevant leaders accompanied the visit.