Tramy won the 2020 Shanghai Service Oriented Manufacturing demonstration enterprisePublish Time:2021-02-04 03:50

The list of service-oriented manufacturing demonstration enterprises in Shanghai was announced recently, and Shanghai Tramy green food (Group) Co., Ltd. was selected successfully.

The selection of Shanghai service-oriented manufacturing demonstration enterprises is to implement the "made in Shanghai" brand The deployment of developing service-oriented manufacturing in the three-year action plan (2018-2020) to accelerate the development of global manufacturing base of excellence is carried out in accordance with the target requirements of the special action guide for developing service-oriented manufacturing (MIIT Lianye [2016] No. 231), focusing on product service system, personalized customization, innovative design, information value-added and scientific research In the field of technological innovation and entrepreneurship, a number of demonstration enterprises, demonstration projects and demonstration platforms are selected to organize and summarize a number of replicable and promotable service-oriented transformation experiences, so as to drive the overall improvement of the development level of service-oriented manufacturing in Shanghai.

In the selection of service-oriented manufacturing demonstration enterprises in Shanghai, a total of 19 enterprises were selected. Only 2 enterprises were selected in the mode of scientific and technological innovation, and Tramy group accounted for one. The competition in the selection was extremely fierce. The service-oriented manufacturing demonstration enterprise awarded this time is the recognition of Tramy group's unremitting efforts in fresh manufacturing in the past 22 years, and also the recognition of Tramy group's active use of new generation information technology such as industrial Internet to enable new manufacturing and promote new services, accelerate the cultivation and development of new service-oriented manufacturing formats and new models, promote the improvement of quality and efficiency, transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry, and provide a valuable reference for the construction of manufacturing power Strength support. Tramy group will also continue to implement the new development concept, take the supply side structural reform as the main line, strengthen the demonstration and guidance, and make greater contributions to promoting Shanghai's innovation driven development and economic transformation and upgrading.