Tramy vegetables are safe, delicious and inexpensivePublish Time:2021-02-20 03:13

Tramy group adopts modern mechanized and intelligent agricultural production technology to cultivate green vegetables without pesticide residues, heavy metals, food pollutants and pathogenic microorganisms. Tramy vegetable planting base has fertile soil, high content of organic matter, rich soil microorganisms, moderate acid and alkali; the base ensures that more high-quality and safe agricultural products enter the Shanghai market through the principle of first checking and then picking.

Quality comes from technology blessing

Tramy Group has established a production university research base, cooperated with Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences and Agricultural College of Shanghai Jiaotong University to study the breeding technology of green leafy vegetables, and optimized the yield, taste and production situation of green leafy vegetables, so as to create green leafy vegetables with local characteristics in Shanghai and ensure the quality of Tramy vegetables from the source of seeds.

At the same time, Tramy uses the vegetable production management information system to obtain the variety, batch number, water and fertilizer, growth and other information in real time; introduces foreign advanced agricultural technology, seedling cultivation bed, water and fertilizer integration, mobile sprinkler irrigation, water-saving drip irrigation, standardization, regular and quantitative infiltration of crops, and realizes the whole process mechanization from sowing to harvesting.

Safety comes from fine planting

With the support of the municipal and district agricultural committees, Tramy Group has established a vegetable planting base of more than 10000 mu in Shanghai. The base adopts the standardized and mechanized planting mode, adopts the organic planting mode, and combines physical and biological technology to control diseases and pests. The quality of vegetables fully meets the national green vegetable standard.

With the help of intelligent agricultural management platform, Tramy base has realized the quality control of the whole process of vegetable production, as well as the real-time monitoring of the vegetable planting site, so as to ensure the quality and safety traceability of Tramy vegetables.


Good taste comes from cold chain logistics

In order to ensure the freshness and taste, all green leafy vegetables quickly enter the cold storage for precooling within half an hour after picking. Processing, distribution and sales are carried out at 0-10 ℃, realizing seamless connection of the whole cold chain.

Picking on the same day, processing on the same day, distribution on the same day,

Tramy ensures that every vegetable tastes fresh, tender, green and crisp, and tastes delicious.


Tramy vegetables,

Delicate cultivation, fresh and fragrant,

Safe, delicious and inexpensive.