Tramy Chongming rice is irresistiblePublish Time:2021-02-20 04:25

Life used to be easy

Happiness is a bowl of fragrant rice on the old stove

Life is fine now

Happiness is having a good meal together

Good rice comes from good places

Chongming is located in the golden planting area of rice. It is located in the sandy soil of the impact island at the estuary of the Yangtze River, where a variety of calcium carbonate and organic matter are deposited. It has abundant rainfall and sufficient sunshine. These unique climate and ecological advantages, together with the excellent varieties of upgrading iteration, give birth to more full and fragrant glutinous Tramy Chongming rice.

Whole process control to achieve good quality

In order to ensure the taste and quality of Tramy Chongming rice, Tramy group selected high-quality seed sources with long growth cycle, which lasted 150 days from sowing to harvesting; in order to ensure that the soil had sufficient nutrient precipitation, Tramy Chongming rice was planted only one season a year.

In the process of planting, Tramy group adopted the international advanced planting and management methods, scientifically adopted the biological control and pest control plan, insisted on the green control measures such as insecticidal lamp, and did a good job in the optimization and detection of organic fertilizer; formulated the whole industry chain standard of high-quality rice, unified high-quality seed source, unified planting standard, unified fine processing, unified cold and fresh storage and transportation, unified package Design, unified sales platform, unified after-sales service.

Tramy adheres to strict standards and whole process control,

Make every rice real and safe.


It's full of rice flavor and good taste

Tramy Chongming rice grains are crystal clear and full of oil. When cooking, they are full of fragrance, and the taste of glutinous rice is full of tenacity. The full moisture and fresh fragrance of rice are contained in each piece of rice, and the grains are mellow.

Tramy Chongming rice,

The original flavor of rice is natural and unforgettable,

Take you back to the taste of the earth stove,

Safe, delicious and inexpensive!