Offer love, warm people's heart, carry out the 2021 Spring Festival condolence activitiesPublish Time:2021-03-15 10:46

From February 3 to February 9, 2021, the general branch of the Tramy Party led the "2021 Spring Festival condolence activity", visited the community, paid homage to the elderly around, presented Tramyi gifts to workers from all walks of life who stuck to their posts during the festival, exported Tramy temperature, and promoted corporate social responsibility.

Village enterprise linkage, good logistics support. In 2020, zhangjiaqiao village base of Tramy will develop rapidly, with continuous growth of production capacity and upgrading of agricultural mechanization, and become a high standard demonstration base of green leafy vegetables planting in Shanghai. On July 16, 2020, the general branch of the Tramy party signed a joint construction agreement with zhangjiaqiao village. 

In order to thank the residents of zhangjiaqiao village for their support for the operation of Tramy base and their contribution to the improvement and upgrading of local green leafy vegetables production in Shanghai. On February 3, 2021, Xu gendi, Secretary of the general branch of the Tramy party, led a team to visit zhangjiaqiao village. A large number of gift bags of Tramy bean flour products were sent to the residents' dining tables. They were full of praise for Tramy products. Tramy community care warmed people's hearts, and the integration between village and enterprise was closer.

Give full play to the advantages of the whole industry chain and care for the life of community residents. Mingxiangyuan community of Xuanqiao town is located in minjiabang road of Xuanqiao Town, less than 2km away from the production headquarters base of Xuanchun road of Tramy. There are 192 households in mingxiangyuan community, which is a large community around Tramy base. As it is located in the suburbs and the surrounding infrastructure is relatively imperfect, in order to improve the convenience of residents' life, Tramy Group, on the one hand, deployed its own fresh stores at the entrance of mingxiangyuan community, and the general Party branch of Tramy also took active action to sign the party building agreement with mingxiangyuan. Tramy Group will pay long-term attention to the residents' life in mingxiangyuan community and improve the convenience of residents' life. On February 5, 2021, during the "2021 Spring Festival condolence activities" of Tramy, the general branch of Tramy party came to mingxiangyuan to offer condolence to the residents of the community. Xu gendi, Secretary of the general branch of the Tramy party, also visited many elderly people in the community to learn about their daily life and make them feel the temperature of Tramy.


During the Spring Festival every year, it is the fixed action of Tramy Group to express sympathy to the elderly over 70 years old in Bright Village. From February 8 to February 9, 2021, the general branch of Tramy party extended sympathy to the elderly in Bright Village for two consecutive days, sending holiday gifts and consolation money to the elderly to understand their physical condition. daily life. During the visit, Xu gendi, general secretary of the Tramy Party branch, specially told the elderly to pay attention to daily nutrition, strengthen exercise and get high quality retirement life.

On the spot for the lunar new year, Tramy warmth is not absent. To provide the greatest support for the staff who stay in Shanghai during the Spring Festival, before the festival, Tramy has sorted out the list of the staff who stay in Shanghai during the Spring Festival, and added holiday greetings to them. During the Spring Festival, Tramy actively responded to a series of post stabilizing and heart warming activities led by the Pudong Youth League District Committee. On February 6, the Tramy Youth League branch led a team to express sympathy to the Construction Department of Longdong Avenue Project and other relevant urban infrastructure departments, and to thank them for their work during the Spring Festival, making new contributions to the economic development of urban construction.

In 2021, the epidemic situation is repeated, and Tramy's social responsibility is not stopped. For Tramy, xinchou Spring Festival is even more extraordinary. It helps stabilize the city's work and production, and Tramy's public welfare is widely spread.