Tramy Group won Shanghai Quality Gold AwardPublish Time:2021-04-08 11:10

On March 31, the Shanghai municipal government held the "2021 Shanghai quality work conference", which announced the winners of the 2020 Shanghai Quality Gold Award. Ten enterprises including Tramy group were awarded the 2020 Shanghai Quality Gold Award (Organization).

Shen Jianhua (second from left), 

chairman of Tramy Group, came to the stage to receive the award

Since its establishment for 23 years, Tramy has been adhering to the principle of quality, paying close attention to standard production, gradually improving the construction of brand system, and making important contributions to the construction of bean products model and urban vegetable basket in Shanghai.

For a long time, Tramy has continuously promoted the improvement and innovative practice of management system, continuously improved the quality control mechanism of the whole industry chain with Tramy characteristics, achieved product traceability, production control, logistics guarantee, emergency plan, zero quality error, and the whole industry chain is good at dancing, constantly meeting the people's needs for a better life.

There are five main advantages of Tramy

Establishing a scientific strategic management system with changes

Aiming at the competitive situation of small factories in different regions caused by the low threshold and people's livelihood of soybean products industry, Tramy starts from the strategy, takes the whole industry chain of fresh food which achieves global competitiveness as the strategic goal, takes the market as the guidance, empowers the traditional industry with science and technology, strengthens the raw material base, expands the production and supply capacity, strengthens the quality assurance system, optimizes the marketing management, and refined We should build the network of the market, systematically build brand image project, strengthen the market layout of the Yangtze River Delta, reasonably subdivide and locate the brand, optimize the allocation of resources, enhance the core competitiveness of the brand, and promote the comprehensive, healthy and dynamic development of all brands of Tramy.

Through the continuous innovation of business model, Tramy has built two business models: Tramy Fresh To Home OMO store and Tramy B2B, consolidated the advantages of the whole industry chain, all categories and all channels, changed the agricultural breeding mode and urban consumption mode, transformed into "urban fresh food comprehensive service provider", and realized the integrated development of primary, secondary and tertiary industries.

Construction of quality management system of whole industry chain based on quality

Tramy regards quality as the top priority, based on ISO 9001 quality management system, ISO 9001 22000 Food safety management system, hazard analysis and critical control point (HACCP) system, the establishment of "seven one" quality and safety management mode, "five return to zero management target system" Tramy characteristics of the whole industry chain quality management mechanism, to achieve product traceability, production control, logistics guarantee, emergency plans, quality zero error.

Inheriting and innovating to be the guide of industry standard

Tramy has established a product R & D and design system, a production process revision system and a patent management system, set up a core team of technical personnel, introduced advanced production and testing equipment, carried out industry university research cooperation, and rapidly realized the transformation of high-tech achievements. It has been recognized as Shanghai Enterprise Technology Center, national soybean action plan demonstration enterprise, and Shanghai high-tech enterprise, which has been effective Promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional soybean products industry, and become an important force of big health industry.

At present, Tramy has 17 national invention patents, 64 utility model patents, 43 software copyrights, 16 appearance patents, more than 10 seed source licenses, and 3 font copyrights. It participates in the formulation of 3 national standards for bean products, 2 industry standards, and 1 group standard, and is willing to be a guide for industry standards.

The key process of value reengineering optimization and improvement

Tramy identified the procurement management process, product development and process improvement process, production management process, sales management process, warehousing and logistics management process, environment and occupational health and safety management process, quality management process, equipment management process, human resource management process, financial management process and information system management process as the key processes, and combined with the cooperation of customers and interested parties Information, develop KPI measurement indicators for each process.

In the implementation of procurement management process, the process technology line, food safety line, business line, three lines of supplier risk control, multi department cooperation work evaluation and acceptance, to build a win-win, long-term and effective cooperation mechanism.

Take on the responsibility of corporate citizenship

Tramy, as the president unit of "Shanghai soybean products industry association", has driven the industry transformation, realized the transformation of soybean products from manual production to mechanized production, popularized and promoted the whole cold chain of soybean products, undertaken more than 60% of the supply tasks of soybean products in Shanghai, and ensured the supply of soybean products and food safety of Shanghai vegetable basket project.

In the novel coronavirus pneumonia, COVID-19 was responsible for the Shanghai fresh food supply task and put into operation the mask production line. It provided anti epidemic materials for various industries, effectively supported Shanghai's resumption of production and resumed production, and reflected good social responsibilities. In September 2020, it was awarded the title of "Shanghai advanced group" against the new crown pneumonia epidemic.

Taking Tramy's winning the Shanghai Quality Gold Award as an opportunity, a new round of overall quality improvement plan of Tramy has been launched. On the basis of "seven ones" and "five return to zero", the quality management 5C action has been implemented simultaneously, which takes customers as the center, cultivates organizational tension with quality culture, demands benefits from quality cost control, takes innovation as the driving force, expands the main body of quality chain market, and leads the quality management of Tramy Open a new situation and achieve higher quality development. In the future,Tramy will keep pace with the times, forge ahead with new goals, devote itself to Shanghai quality, keep the red line, lift the bottom, pull the high line, and add luster to the construction of five centers and four brands in Shanghai.