The general meeting of the trade union committee of Tramy was officially heldPublish Time:2021-05-18 01:29

On April 2, 2021, the general meeting of the Tramy trade union committee was officially held. The meeting summarized the work of the third trade union committee, looked forward to the future work, and elected a new member of the trade union committee. Yan Minglong, full-time Deputy Secretary of Xuanqiao town comprehensive Party committee, attended the meeting and delivered a speech.


Xu gendi, Secretary of the general Party branch of the group, made a work summary on behalf of the third trade union committee of Tramy Group. Since the establishment of the third trade union committee of Shanghai Tramy Green Food (Group) Co., Ltd., under the correct leadership of the Xuanqiao town Party committee, the general trade Union, the group leadership and the general Party branch, with the strong support and cooperation of grass-roots employees, and in accordance with the established work plan, We should forge ahead, keep pace with the times and make certain achievements.

All along, the third trade union committee of the group, under the leadership of the general Party branch of the group, has established the concept of combining study with work in line with the purpose of building image outside and seeking quality inside. On the one hand, we vigorously carried out theme education activities to make all employees keep a clear mind and unify their understanding. At the same time, we held various policy and business training activities including trade union law, labor law and trade union financial management in multiple batches. Through continuous learning and education, we made all employees enhance their skills and improve their level.

The trade union should play an active role in organization, strengthen democratic management of enterprises, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of employees, start with the construction of democratic politics, give full play to the functions of democratic management and democratic supervision, and establish an information management mechanism of giving orders from the superior and giving orders from the inferior. Since its establishment, more than 20 trade union member congresses have been held.

The trade union strives to strengthen the understanding of the production and life of the staff, grasp their difficulties and ideological trends at any time, and help them solve the actual difficulties at the critical moment. In order to make the workers' spare time life rich and colorful and elegant, the trade union fully listened to the rationalization suggestions of the majority of employees, combined with the characteristics of the enterprise, cooperated with the higher level trade union or organized various sports activities by itself for many times. Through the continuous development of sports and sports activities, it not only fostered the sentiment of the employees, but also strengthened the vitality of the trade union, It also further stimulated the enthusiasm of the staff.

Yan Minglong, full-time Deputy Secretary of Xuanqiao town comprehensive Party committee, affirmed the work of the third trade union committee of Tramy, and expressed his gratitude to Tramy trade union for its support and contribution to the development of Tramy and the work of the trade union. He put forward three suggestions on the work of the new trade union committee of Tramy:

First, lead the majority of employees to firm their ideals and beliefs, and make new contributions to the company's leapfrog development. We should take guiding the healthy growth of employees as the foothold and starting point of our work, organize and carry out all kinds of technical competitions, and build a platform for the growth and success of employees.

Second, to further develop the establishment of harmonious labor relations enterprises, we should always adhere to the people-oriented idea, and do good things for the workers, so as to further enhance the happiness and sense of acquisition of the workers.

Third, carry out various forms of recreational and sports activities that are popular with employees according to local conditions. According to the existing conditions of the enterprise, we should actively create conditions to enrich the spare time cultural life of the staff and workers, so that the staff and workers' time beyond 8 hours can become more colorful and their personal growth can be further improved.