It's flying slowlyPublish Time:2021-05-18 02:05

On March 19, volunteers from the Tramy Youth League branch came to the special education class of Xuanqiao school again to join hands with the "slow flying angel" and spend a happy morning.

In late March and early spring, the willows in the courtyard of the special education class sprouted. Children in light spring uniforms were playing in the courtyard, creating a warm atmosphere.

The arrival of volunteers from the Tramy league made the children active. They came in droves. "Brother and sister, catch the ball quickly." some children held the ball and said hello from a distance“ Sister, you're here again. Hold it. "Some children take the initiative to ask for a hug. This is the third year since November 21, 2019 and October 21, 2020 when Tramy volunteers came to the special education class to support teaching. The volunteers and the children have gradually become acquainted with each other, and they seem to be old friends.

In Xuanqiao school, there are three special education classes. There are a group of students in the class. They were born with mental retardation and disability and were abandoned by their parents. Now they are fostered in local families and study in the special education class of Xuanqiao school. In May 2014, Xuanqiao town officially launched the "happy learning, healthy growth" slow flying Angel company program, bringing warmth to the children of Xuanqiao school from three special education classes of Shanghai welfare home.


We should be grateful to Tramy and give volunteers a platform to spread love and realize social responsibility.

Thanks to the Youth League Committee of Xuanqiao Town, it gives volunteers a broad stage to touch "angels" and experience warmth.

Over the past three years, the team has not so much sent love and warmth to these slow flying angels, but more appropriately, the angels have brought the team full of emotion.

The beauty of the string moon is as bright as the sky on the half mirror; The silence of winter is the beauty and silence of the sleeping spirit; The difference of life should be realized by heart. The slow flying angels are always holding hope and working hard.

Whenever the bell rings after class, the children will consciously put the classroom objects in order and leave the classroom with their own small bench in an orderly way

They are so sentimental, every time they come, the children will warm up to say hello and rush to express their missing. Raise your hands again and again, smile after smile, happiness is so fresh.

I still remember a fat classmate who would stand up every time after class and deliver the walking chair to a little sister with disabled legs

I also remember a classmate. When an adult asked about what he would do in the future, he didn't avoid the status quo of his physical disability. His goal was so simple that he wanted to become a person who loved and cared for himself, and spread more love to more children in need

Full of moving, precious memory. Every child is an angel who can fly, but these children fly slowly, but they are still enthusiastic. Let's put down our guard and encourage them to move forward; Close up, in-depth understanding of their pure and beautiful inner world... Their story in the journey of life, strong and naive interpretation... Tramy League branch volunteers will continue to follow Xuanqiao Town Youth League Committee to continue to go on, with a little love, into a piece of love, accompany these little angels to fly.