Promotion of production systemPublish Time:2021-06-29 11:15

In the middle of 2021, the group's daily production and sales have entered a stable stage. During the stable period, the group pays close attention to product quality and promotes the reputation of Tramy products. In early May, the group's production system formulated the "measures for the implementation of extreme product building" (hereinafter referred to as the "measures") to implement the "high quality of Tramy products" from the perspective of concept and system.

First of all, to create product quality, the "implementation method" requires improvement from the concept: to be dissatisfied with the quality and quality of the current products, to find the defects of the current products, to correct the defects of the products put forward by customers immediately, to constantly benchmark the ultimate products, to surpass the existing products in quality, to set the standards of the ultimate products, and to make the products cultural and humane.

Secondly, we should make an issue in our work style: we should concentrate on the research of products, concentrate on the research of products, take products seriously, mobilize all staff to carry forward the spirit of ingenuity, study the connotation and characteristics of products from multiple perspectives, get rid of impetuous mentality, rough practices, constantly self denial, constantly establish new standards, keep improving the research of products, study and refine the process, and innovate new processes, The best combination point of man-machine, material, method and loop is studied.

Third, we should constantly improve our professional skills: we should improve the practical experience of R & D personnel, study the raw materials accurately, explore the process repeatedly, test the proportion of raw materials repeatedly, normalize the three-level product evaluation, taste the internal quality of products repeatedly, and analyze the reasons for the quality changes of each product. At the same time, the product should have differentiation, advocate "people without me, people with me excellent", the use of raw materials should be different, the design should be unique, the production process should be advanced, the function publicity should be real, in place, the selling point should be clear, the image should be atmospheric, the product should have affinity, easy to attract attention, and it is convenient to buy, save and eat.

The chairman and general manager shall personally deploy, interview senior leaders of each department, find out the existing problems, find out the methods of improvement, find out the progress of improvement, point out the direction of each discussion, point out the defects of products in each evaluation, and focus on the product concept, technology, craftsmanship spirit, and adhere to the product is the cornerstone of supporting the new mode.

After the implementation of the ultimate product building measures. The production center has carried out the communication with the senior management of each department, formulated the effort route and improved the working method and time node, carefully analyzed the existing product grade and product status, and carried out the iron hand rectification on the existing product problems, so as to make the "ultimate product building" an important winning weapon to support the great development of the company's new model.