Tramy Group selected as "quality benchmark" of Shanghai in 2020Publish Time:2021-06-29 11:36

On May 12, 2021, the list of Shanghai quality benchmarking suggestions was published in 2020, and Shanghai Tramy green food (Group) Co., Ltd. was successfully selected.

The "quality benchmarking" activity in Shanghai is a long-term quality improvement activity jointly carried out by government departments, industry associations and relevant quality institutions with enterprises as the main body. The evaluation is led by the Municipal Economic and Information Commission, with strict standards and authority. Through strict procedures such as information review, material review, on-site reply and publicity, the final selection of benchmarking enterprises that promote the application of advanced quality management methods and practice Internet Plus + quality management innovation activities, improve quality level and enhance business performance will be selected, and promotion and exchanges will be carried out to further promote enterprises to establish the concept of pursuing excellence. Promote enterprises to effectively enhance their comprehensive competitiveness.

During the process of participating in the evaluation, Tramy shared the experience of Tramy Group in quality technology management based on the experience of Tramy Group in implementing the first, second, third industrial integration and intelligent management operation and innovation application, and obtained the confirmation of the project expert team.

Tramy Group is the only food enterprise winner in this quality benchmarking selection. This award is also another affirmation and encouragement to the quality technology and quality system management of Tramy Group. For a long time, Tramy has been promoting the improvement and innovation practice of management system and playing the leading role of quality innovation pattern. In the future,Tramy will continue to strive for new goals, constantly improve the level of quality management, promote the simultaneous improvement of product and service quality and efficiency, and make greater contributions to the strategy of strengthening the country with quality through continuous efforts.