Tramy modern agricultural industry research institute approvedPublish Time:2021-06-29 01:18

Tramy agricultural research continues to expand to the basic level. Shanghai Civil Affairs Bureau recently approved the qualification of Shanghai Tramy modern agricultural industry research institute as a private non enterprise unit. Relying on the support of Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences and other academic institutions, Tramy's own agricultural research entity was officially launched.

In the past year since its establishment, Shanghai Tramy modern agricultural industry research institute has comprehensively implemented agricultural science and technology innovation, continuously promoted the speed-up and upgrading of mechanized production, and actively expanded the coverage of agricultural informatization. With the support of professional scientific research team, seed source technology has been implemented in Tramy, and its own zhangjiaqiao demonstration base has been upgraded by leaps and bounds Eggplant goes to the local market, and the first kilometer of Tramy fresh food industry chain is steadily consolidated.

According to the relevant person in charge of Tramy agricultural science and technology, after being approved, Shanghai Tramy modern agricultural industry research institute, a private non enterprise unit, will carry out in-depth work in three aspects in the future. First, based on the independence of the Research Institute, it will extensively strengthen foreign cooperation and communication, and carry out horizontal and vertical academic level collaborative research with agricultural research institutes in the Yangtze River Delta Promote the transformation of agricultural high-tech achievements industry; The second is to carry out the basic research of agriculture, aiming at the technical bottleneck of agricultural industrialization, plant protection, agricultural ecological environment protection, etc; At the same time, we will continue to do better and stronger seed source research and development, and enhance the comprehensive research and development of high-quality crop seeds and the guarantee ability of improved seed supply.

The establishment of Shanghai Tramy modern agricultural industry research institute has its function not only limited to the internal development needs of enterprises, but also covers the key and difficult issues in local and national agricultural fields in the future. It will take Tramy as the organization and empowerment of leading agricultural industry enterprises, and make new contributions to Rural Revitalization project.