Deputy director of Publicity Department of New District Party committee investigates TramyPublish Time:2021-07-19 10:27

The picture shows Deng Liang, deputy director of the Publicity Department of the new district Party committee, investigated the production site of Tramy and made comments

On the morning of May 31, Deng Liang, deputy director of Publicity Department of Pudong New Area District Party committee, deputy director of culture, sports and Tourism Bureau, and director of District civilization office, investigated Tramy Group. Zhu Honghui, deputy secretary of Xuanqiao town Party committee, Zhuang Xiaomin, member of Xuanqiao town Party committee, Xu gendi, Secretary of general Party branch of Tramy Group, and other leaders accompanied the investigation. Secretary Xu and his party introduced the development status and industrial vision of Tramy to Deng Liang and his party, The construction of spiritual civilization. Vice Minister Deng affirmed the rapid development of Tramy and hoped that the group would make persistent efforts to achieve greater development and achieve better results in the practice of civilization in the new era.