Tramy participated in the 13th Agricultural Expo in Pudong New AreaPublish Time:2021-08-18 02:54

On July 23, the 13th Agricultural Expo in Pudong New Area was officially held. With the theme of "quality casts brand and 100 stores celebrate 100 years", this Agricultural Expo focuses on the exhibition and sales of high-quality real estate agricultural products in Pudong.Tramy Group actively participated in the Expo with 73 Tramy fresh stores.

Pudong New Area continues to innovate the exhibition form of the Agricultural Expo this year and adopts the "Online + offline" two wheel drive. The online exhibition follows the form of last year's "cloud Agricultural Expo". The offline exhibition combines 100 retail stores (points), including Tramy fresh stores, to set up a special area of the Pudong Agricultural Expo and carry out counter exhibition.

As a national key leading enterprise in agricultural industrialization, Tramy is duty bound to promote Pudong real estate agricultural products. The group's management attaches great importance to the Agricultural Expo. 73 channel stores participating in the Expo are all over Shanghai. The exhibition will be held at the door of people's homes so that Shanghai citizens can taste the fresh "taste of Pudong" nearby.

8424 watermelon is thin and juicy, with strong taste of summer black grape and authentic Nanhui honey peach... Pudong agricultural products are widely popular in Tramy stores. On the one hand, Tramy set up the best location of the store to participate in the exhibition, emphasizing standardized display. At the same time, it also targeted to arrange its own products and implement discounts, so as to let more people enter the store.

In recent years, the whole industry chain of Tramy has been continuously improved and upgraded, and its new retail stores of Tramy Xianjia have been fully distributed in Shanghai. As an important display window of real estate agricultural products in Pudong, Tramy Fresh Stores has its tentacles and the influence of Pudong agriculture; In the future, with the accelerated expansion of Tramy channel, it will strengthen the display effect of Pudong real estate agricultural products. Next year, Tramy will make further efforts to support the 14th Pudong New Area Agricultural Expo with more perfect channel layout and more cutting-edge commercial formats, so as to make the link between Pudong real estate agricultural products and people's dining tables closer.