Tramy's "31521" model was rated as an excellent case of enterprise quality management in ShPublish Time:2021-09-14 10:49

With the popularization of big data, Internet of things, automation and intelligent technology, the demand for market diversification is becoming more and more obvious. Traditional industrial production has been difficult to meet the growing needs of customers. The enterprise digital transformation aimed at strengthening personalized design, enhancing customer participation and improving consumer experience value is a powerful guarantee for the company to continue to control the future market, Based on the successful implementation of the "five to zero" management objectives and the "seven ones" quality and safety management mode, Tramy Group analyzes the economic development trend, the nature of the company's business format and the needs of its own development stage, and puts forward the "31521" digital quality management 3P model for fresh food, so as to drive the continuous high-quality development of the company's whole industrial chain and realize the constant commitment of "safe, delicious and inexpensive".

Connotation of 3P model for digital quality management of fresh food "31521" 

The group built the "31521" digital 3P model from three aspects: human digitization, event digitization and system digitization.

1. People's digitization (three leads) -- Digital leadership, digital team and digital innovation

2. Digitalization of business - 1 strategy, 5 efforts and 2 kinetic energy

1) One strategy -- cultivating the competitiveness of quality and safety industry with digital technology

2) Five efforts - digital platform, information construction, process digitization, customer interface digitization and value chain digitization

3) Two driving forces - improving and optimizing core business and digital product and service innovation

3. Digitization of the system (1 measurement) - Digital Evaluation

Figure 1 "31521" digital quality management 3P Model

In April 2021,Tramy Group applied for the "31521" digital quality management 3P model of fresh food to the market supervision and Administration Bureau. In July, it made a reply and passed it at one time. In August 2021, the "31521" digital quality management 3P model of fresh food won the excellent case of digital transformation in the field of enterprise quality management in Shanghai in 2021.