Shanghainese can eatTramy’s Mengcheng hanging white gourdPublish Time:2021-10-15 12:55

In Shuanglu village, Banqiao market town, Mengcheng County, Bozhou City, Anhui Province, a truck of about 60000 kg of white gourd is sent to Shanghai every three days. After the white gourd arrives in Shanghai, it enters the network sales of Tramy fresh home and fresh food channels, and is brought to the table of Shanghai citizens at the first time.

With the form of contract agriculture, Tramy quickly integrates into the regional integration development strategy of the Yangtze River Delta. As a major agricultural county, Mengcheng, Anhui Province is the main production area of melons and fruits, rhizomes and eggplants. Shuanglu village in Mengcheng County was once a poverty-stricken village. In 2017, the village put forward the development idea of "prospering the village with vegetable industry", established a professional vegetable planting cooperative, developed advantageous eggplant and fruit planting, and driven farmers' collective income to increase. This year, Tramy Group reached a cooperation with Shuanglu village and signed an order purchase agreement for winter melon planting. Tramy sent the standard, stipulated the seed source, unified planting by farmers, and the finished products were uniformly underwritten by Tramy.

According to the introduction of Tramy supply chain, the main advantages of Tramy's local orders in Mengcheng are unified management, efficient circulation, food traceability and guaranteed safety.

Through the form of order agriculture, it not only eliminates the worries of growers selling goods, integrates Tramy's high standard planting technology, but also significantly improves the production level of local agriculture. "The white gourd required by Tramy has high requirements for quality. If it is next to the ground, the melon skin will turn yellow, affecting the appearance of the product, and the white gourd should be hung on the shelf." Liu Juan, Secretary of the general Party branch of Shuanglu village, introduced that the excellent varieties provided by Tramy, coupled with the local unique planting methods, the white gourd is growing well this year, and the villagers are more motivated to plant it.