Carry forward new folk customs and celebrate the birthday of the motherlandPublish Time:2021-11-23 01:00

As the winner of the 8th Shanghai civilized unit and the qualified unit of social responsibility enterprises in Pudong New Area,Tramy Group always takes promoting social responsibility as its own responsibility. On the occasion of the 72nd anniversary of the founding of the people's Republic of China, it actively participates in the theme activity of "Celebrating the birthday of the motherland and eating 'National Day noodles' in Pudong New Area, and makes use of the production advantages of Tramy's traditional rice flour products to customize the" National Day special noodle ", It has been spread throughout Shanghai, integrating the manufacturing and channel strength of Tramy Group, spreading new folk customs and carrying forward the positive energy of the enterprise.

The first bowl of noodles in October is "National Day noodles". On October 1, 2021, on the occasion of the 72nd anniversary of the founding of the people's Republic of China, the theme activity of "Celebrating the birthday of the motherland and eating 'National Day noodles' was officially held in the new era civilization practice center of Pudong New Area. At 11:31 on October 1, the activity officially began. There was melodious music in the auditorium of the new era civilization practice center in Pudong New Area. Lei Zhen, the winner of the second national civilized family, Hu shuangqian, the fifth national moral model, Xu Min, the national advanced worker in 2020, Lu Weidong, the fifth national moral model nomination award, Liu zhexin, the sixth national moral model nomination award, In 2018-2019, 31 citizen representatives including Liu Feng, the most beautiful volunteer in China, gathered together to "eat" a bowl of "National Day noodles" with good color, flavor and flavor, and "celebrate the 72nd anniversary of the founding of the people's Republic of China".

This bowl of "National Day noodles" with good color, flavor and flavor comes from Tramy. Tramy not only provides all packaged noodles products at the event site, but also widely presents them to all participating units. There are boxes of Tramy "Tramy noodles" in Xuanqiao Town, Pudong New Area, Jinhai Road Campus of Shanghai second University of technology, Shanghai Internet of things Technology Co., Ltd. and other participating units It is specially provided for the back kitchen of the canteen. The delicious pasta with strong taste is full of praise.

On September 2, after learning that the relevant departments in the new area pushed the theme activity of "National Day noodles",Tramy Group responded positively. The management of the group fully integrated the kinetic energy of all departments and offices of the group. First, it customized the packaging of new products. The "Birthday Noodles" customized by Tramy this time was in the form of characteristic boxes, with a net content of 500g per box. A large area of red was paved with a fiery National Day atmosphere to share the feelings of the motherland The words "eat the same national day" highlight the new folk theme. The characteristic buildings in Lujiazui, Pudong are printed on the left, highlighting the rapid development trend of modern cities under the background of national rejuvenation. Using the highest standard equipment to produce and select wheat cores, fresh and fresh noodles poured out of the boxed transparent window, indicating the vigorous and vigorous economic and social development of the motherland. 

At the same time, the group also used the channels of more than 600 new retail stores throughout Shanghai to comprehensively carry out special promotion. According to the activity arrangement, on October 1, Tramy "Birthday Noodles" enjoyed the exclusive preferential sales of national day.Tramy Group and Shanghai citizens wished the motherland prosperity, national peace and security, and welcomed the national day with a smile.

On October 1, the theme activity of eating "National Day noodles" for the birthday of the motherland was officially held with remarkable results, which was widely reported by mainstream media, including Wen Wei Po and Pudong financial media. At the same time,Tramy channel sales of birthday noodles are hot. At 12:00 on October 1, 200000 copies of Tramy "Birthday Noodles" have been sold out. Thanks to the momentum of Tramy channel, the promotion scope of new folk customs is wider and the efficiency is higher. It is reported that in the future, Tramy will launch Birthday Noodles flour products every year during the national day, and take the responsibility of the enterprise to promote the new folk customs for a long time.