Tramy held training on trademark legal knowledge and management systemPublish Time:2021-11-23 02:17

On September 22, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council issued the outline for the construction of an intellectual property power (2021-2035), which put forward specific guidelines on comprehensively promoting the construction of an intellectual property power and comprehensively improving the creation, application, protection, management and service level of intellectual property.

Tramy Group actively responded to the outline of national intellectual property power. On October 27, led by the legal department of the group, Tramy Group held a training on trademark legal knowledge and management system. This training deeply discussed the function of trademark, legal issues of trademark, trademark management issues and the current situation of Tramy trademark management. Zuo Longwu, deputy general manager of the group, attended the meeting and delivered an important speech.

President Zuo said that after more than 40 years of reform and opening up, China's economy has developed rapidly. National enterprises have gradually got rid of the embarrassing situation of "manufacturing without creation, quality without brand" and began to pay attention to brand value and brand strategy. In the perspective of intellectual property, brand is a trademark. It plays an important role in the whole intellectual property system. The more tangible assets are used, the more devalued, while the more trademark assets are used, the more value-added. "Just as a person's face symbolizes a person, the popularity, product quality, service reputation and even corporate culture of the enterprise are precipitated on the trademark logo. Based on this, it is particularly necessary and important for the group to hold basic training on trademarks and related laws at present.

After that, Zhang Yingliang, director of the legal department, shared with the majority of Tramy employees the basic knowledge of trademarks, such as the meaning, classification, function and identification of trademarks, trademark protection, trademark infringement and legal risk prevention.

Did you know that in addition to collective trademarks and certification trademarks, there are also sound and smell trademarks in the industry, such as the voice of Tencent QQ, a social software, and the launch voice of the Central People's radio, which have been registered as sound trademarks because of their remarkable recognition and representativeness.

For another example, there are ways to identify trademarks. The most significant trademark is the fabricated trademark completely designed by the trademark owner, and the trademark of the most taboo brand of the enterprise is changed into a general name. For example, Simmons and Jeep, which were originally the unique product logo of the enterprise, have become a general category name. Finally, such products are popular, but the enterprise brand is unknown.

For another example, in the protection of trademarks, attention must be paid to the prevention of withdrawal, because according to the law, if a registered trademark becomes the general name of the goods it has approved to use or is not used for three consecutive years for legitimate reasons, any unit or individual may apply to the Trademark Office for the cancellation of the registered trademark.

The training content is sufficient and the goods are full. Zhang Yingliang said that it is worth affirming that at present, Tramy's trademark management has established a relatively perfect management system, which clearly stipulates the main responsibilities of the trademark management and operation departments, the daily work matters of each department, and set relatively perfect emergency measures in case of intellectual property disputes. I believe that in the future, with the development of the group With the continuous expansion of trademark categories, the work level of relevant functional departments will also be continuously improved, helping Tramy brand strategy to be fully launched.

The courseware of this trademark legal knowledge training can be obtained from the legal department of the group.