Tramy was selected as one of the "top 20 private enterprises with outstanding contributions"Publish Time:2021-11-23 02:57

On October 9, 2021, the Ministry of industry and information technology of the people's Republic of China planned to be selected into the third batch of service-oriented manufacturing demonstration list for publicity. Shanghai Tramy green food (Group) Co., Ltd. was successfully selected into the list of service-oriented manufacturing demonstration enterprises, which is the group's successor to the national staple food processing industry demonstration enterprise, the national agricultural product processing industry demonstration enterprise, and the national key leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization Another national honor after China's well-known trademark.

Shanghai Municipal Commission of economy and information technology attaches great importance to the selection of service-oriented manufacturing demonstration. Based on the application and recommendation of relevant units, 38 Shanghai Municipal service-oriented manufacturing demonstration enterprises were selected from 100 candidate enterprises, and 14 of them were selected and reported to the Ministry of industry and information technology, of which 11 were selected, including 5 demonstration enterprises, 4 demonstration platforms, 1 demonstration project 1 demonstration city.

Service-oriented manufacturing is a new manufacturing mode and industrial form for the integrated development of manufacturing and service. It is not only an important direction for the deep integration of advanced manufacturing industry and modern service industry, but also an important way for manufacturing enterprise profit center to extend to the front and rear ends of the "smile curve" and effectively enhance industrial competitiveness. At the moment of accelerating the reconstruction of global industrial chain and supply chain, it is regarded as a key link and important way to lead the industry to the high-end of the value chain and realize curve overtaking.

The selection threshold of national "service-oriented manufacturing demonstration enterprise" is high and the standard identification is strict. The award of Tramy Group is the full recognition of the competent authorities for the group's deep cultivation of service-oriented manufacturing and its adherence to integrated innovation. As a leading brand in China's fresh food service,Tramy actively responded to the national strategy of "manufacturing transformation", paid close attention to the improvement of intelligent manufacturing level and supply chain service capacity, deeply promoted the integrated development of primary, secondary and tertiary industries under the guidance of innovation driven and quality first, and actively transformed and upgraded to service-oriented manufacturing. In the primary industry, Tramy carried out smart agricultural applications to drive farmers to increase production and income: in the secondary industry, Tramy built an intelligent control application management system to improve the level of intelligent manufacturing and enrich the product matrix; The intelligent independent operation information system of fresh stores with three industry structure has shifted its application focus from products to the acquisition of customer needs, reconstructed the whole industry value chain with customer needs, and continuously provided users with high-quality products and lean services.

In the future, Tramy Group will continue to adhere to the service-oriented development strategy, deepen and expand the service-oriented manufacturing paradigm, firmly adhere to the "service-oriented manufacturing innovation path", grasp the opportunities of the global scientific and technological revolution, take improving quality and efficiency as the work goal, high-level layout and innovation empowerment, and promote the promotion of "Tramy manufacturing" to "Tramy intelligent manufacturing" according to the new requirements of the manufacturing power strategy, Make new contributions to promoting the high-quality development of the national manufacturing industry.