Tramy Party won the title of demonstration site for Party branch construction in ShPublish Time:2021-12-10 11:14

Recently, the Organization Department of the Shanghai municipal Party committee awarded the honorary title of the demonstration site for the construction of Shanghai Party branch to the general Party branch committee of Shanghai Tramy Group. This is the second time that the general Party branch of Shanghai Tramy Group was rated as an advanced grass-roots party organization in Xuanqiao town in June this year; In July, after being rated as the advanced grass-roots party organization in Pudong New Area, the general Party branch won the heavyweight evaluation again.

Over the years, Tramy Group has adhered to the red lead in its rapid development, established and expanded the party organizations within the group. The general branch of Tramy party has always been a pioneer and model to promote the people's livelihood and contribute to the people's better life. Its political function is outstanding, its team is strong, its vanguard role is prominent, its working mechanism is sound, and the people are satisfied and recognized, Become a fighting fortress in the development process of the group and inject red gene into Tramy fresh food.

The honor belongs to the past. In the future, the general branch of the Tramy party will cherish the honor, make persistent efforts, and further perform its duties of "directly educating party members, managing party members, supervising party members and organizing the masses, publicizing the masses, rallying the masses and serving the masses". Build the party organization into a strong fighting fortress to publicize the party's propositions, implement the party's decisions, lead grass-roots governance, unite and mobilize the masses and promote reform and development. Pay close attention to implementation, do well and succeed, seize the day and live up to your youth.