Tramy was selected as "one hundred well-known brands of Sh industry in the past century"Publish Time:2021-12-10 01:07

Tramy was selected as "one hundred well-known brands of Shanghai industry in the past century"

In May this year, the Municipal Federation of industry and economics and the Municipal Economic and social League played the role of a hub social organization, mobilized various industry associations to recommend 670 Shanghai industrial brands with large product output and sales volume, high market share, high brand value and good social reputation to participate in the candidates. After two rounds of selection by the expert group, 100 "century old Shanghai industrial famous brands" were selected.

The selection of Tramy brand represents the recognition of Tramy brand by Shanghai citizens, and further encourages Tramy to spare no effort for the mission of "inheriting Chinese food and helping healthy China". In the future, Tramy will not forget its original intention, practice the concept vision of "meeting people's yearning for a better life", continue to drive business optimization and innovation, improve the comprehensive competitiveness of the brand, inject more connotation into the "century old Shanghai industry", and forge ahead for further carrying forward and expanding the popularity and influence of Shanghai industrial brand.