Yaolu base plug dish chicken feathers are offlinePublish Time:2022-02-18 11:15

At noon on December 23, the factory planting greenhouses of the Yaolu base were harvested for the first time. The workers put trays of mature chicken feathers on the conveyor belt. After being collected and processed by the third-generation plug harvester, a The bright green high-quality chicken feathers fell into the large collection frame. The growth and harvesting of chicken feathers in plug trays is different from that of the whole process of mechanized chicken feathers. There is no roar of harvesters here. It can be seen that plates of green leafy vegetables are gradually being harvested on the crawler track, as if one by one precision parts are offline, which confirms that the factory planting of the Yaolu base is gradually accelerating.

The plug tray is different from the traditional land planting of chicken feathers. The entire growth stage of the chicken feather is completed in the plug tray, and it is automatically sown on the plug tray, and the plug tray is placed on the seedbed for tidal irrigation. The integrated water and fertilizer system performs precise fertilization at the same time to achieve the purpose of saving water, fertilizer and labor. The factory planting greenhouses of the plug pan Feather at the waist road base covers a total area of 26 mu, with 1,180 tidal beds, and each tidal bed is placed with 36 seedling trays, which can simultaneously grow a total of 42,480 trays of high-quality matrix chicken feathers.

The factory-like planting greenhouses of the plug trays at the waist road base are currently the most automated production plants in Shanghai. On December 8, the author saw at the greenhouse site that the automated assembly line production operation of the plug pan chicken feathers has been initially completed. On the automatic seeder, the trays of planting substrates are sent to the conveyor belt, which is automatically drilled by the hole puncher, and automatically planted by the seeding roller. After being covered with soil and watered, it is pushed onto the seedbed by the conveyor belt. Counting, place 36 plugs on each tidal bed, and after the count is reached, the pusher will automatically push it on the track. Staff can also set up their own delivery schedule to send seedbeds of different production cycles to different tracks.

On December 8, two batches of chicken feathers have been planted in the greenhouse. The chicken feathers sown in the front row on November 29 are in the seedling stage, while the chicken feathers sown in the back row on November 15 are close to maturity, and the overall green growth is strong.

According to the base personnel, because it is planted in plug trays, the water and fertilizer control is more precise, and the finished chicken feathers have high nutrition and better taste. Thanks to the relatively high degree of automation, the production efficiency of the factory has been improved, and only 2 people can manage a 17,300-square-meter greenhouse. The sowing and harvesting are recorded in real time, and standardized operations are carried out, so that the same batch of chicken feathers grows in the same way, the emergence is more neat, and the quality is higher. In addition, the production facilities in the greenhouse are well-equipped and will not be affected by the weather. In the event of extreme weather, the greenhouse can be converted into a nursery shed immediately, increasing the early supply of Tramy bases, realizing diversified production and ensuring production and supply.

At present, the first batch of finished chicken feathers from the Yaolu plug-type chicken feather material factory has been harvested, and they are on the dining table of the citizens in Shanghai. will be popular in the market.