The R&D department won the silver prize in the Shanghai Butterfly Pastry Skills CompetitionPublish Time:2022-02-18 12:17

On December 16th, the "5th Shanghai Butterfly Crisp Skills Competition" kicked off. Hong Jianrong, Sun Bin and Wang Liliang of the Bakery Team of Tramy Group's R&D and Purchasing Department teamed up with 20 time-honored Shanghai brands including International Hotel and Laoxiangzhai. 36 contestants from food companies competed on the same stage.

When it comes to Shanghai's special souvenirs, the butterfly cake must be on the list, in the 1920s and 1930s. Butterfly cake came to Shanghai from Europe, and has been continuously improved to form a Shanghai version that uses less oil and is more crispy.

In this competition, the new and old brands are fully prepared and have come up with their own fist products.Tramy Group started the production of butterfly cakes in 2019. This year is the first time to participate in the competition. In order to stand out among the masters, the baking team of Tramy R&D and Purchasing Department has worked hard on creativity. Based on the solid basic operation skills of the team, Tramy brought 5 new products to this competition. They use different colors to match, and the colorful butterfly crisps imitate the sounds and colors of the natural world; the matcha and cheese are blended, and the rich and fragrant matcha butterflies have a delicate taste; black sesame seeds Butterfly cake, a piece in winter, delicious and healthy; cute thumb butterfly cake, small and cute, it is the best choice for snacks; the team also created ideas on thumb cake, and made various creative shapes on butterfly cake, just like one by one Small crafts, delicious and more pleasing to the eye.

After several rounds of evaluation, the judges were deeply impressed by the taste of Tramy Butterfly Pastry, especially the creative presentation. Tramy Butterfly Pastry with beautiful shape, good taste and creativity won the creative silver award of the 5th Shanghai Butterfly Pastry Skills Competition. In the future, the above new butterfly cakes will be launched one after another, and Tramy's creative butterfly cakes, which are more affordable, will definitely explode the market.