Fire drills practice the original intention of safetyPublish Time:2022-02-18 12:33

Fire safety is a major event involving the life safety of employees, and is also closely related to the survival, development and stability of an enterprise.

In 2014, a gas explosion in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan Province caused 32 deaths and 321 injuries; in 2020, a house in Longgang City, Zhejiang Province exploded and collapsed, resulting in 2 deaths and 8 injuries; in June 2021, a gas explosion in Shiyan, Hubei Province caused 11 deaths and 37 injuries. These fire safety accidents, the heavy losses, the great impact, are frightening. Analyzing the deep-seated causes of the accident is heart-wrenching.

Due to its own development characteristics, the refrigerated meal workshop has its own special meaning for the safety production of the workshop and even the company. In view of this, two fire drills were carried out in the refrigerated meal workshop in November. The first is the use of fire extinguishers for important positions and key personnel in the oil pot workshop at the team level, and the second is the emergency escape and fire drills for all personnel.

The workshop passed fire drills in batches. First, the idea of "safety first, prevention first" was established. Through the training of firefighting skills for the workforce, in addition to the content that should be known and must be known under normal circumstances, the ability to respond to emergencies and improve the ability to prevent accidents is enhanced through practical operations. The second is to firmly establish the people-oriented idea, and drill to test whether the lunch box workshop has a dedicated and skilled volunteer firefighting team. The third is to train cadres and enhance the sense of responsibility and crisis awareness of technicians and team leaders. Practice has proved that the key to safety is leadership. In order to implement the responsibility mechanism of "who produces, who is responsible", to reverse the misunderstandings and unrealistic phenomena existing in some cadres' understanding, and realize the transformation from "I want to focus on safety" to "I want to focus on safety". Management yields benefits, and safety yields benefits. The refrigerated meals people are implementing the company's safety production policy in a pragmatic spirit, and practicing the original intention of safety through fire drills.