Zhang Jun Skill Master Studio UnveiledPublish Time:2022-02-21 09:29

On January 18, Pudong New Area held a high-skilled talent awarding event to encourage advanced methods and further create an atmosphere of "skilled talents" and "skilled talents serve the country" in the society. During the event, Pudong New Area Human Resources and Social Security Bureau officially issued a nameplate to Zhang Jun Skill Master Studio of Shanghai Tramy Green Food (Group) Co., Ltd.

The Skill Master Studio is a solid foundation for Shanghai to further promote the construction of the city's high-skilled talent team, give full play to the leading and leading role of high-skilled leaders, and provide a solid foundation for Shanghai to accelerate the construction of "five centers" and make every effort to launch "four brands". Skilled personnel support. Zhang Jun's Skill Master Studio is led by Zhang Jun, Deputy Director of the Group's Supply Chain. For a long time, Zhang Jun has continuously supported the Group's application of new agricultural technologies, laying a foundation for the new agricultural technologies to take root in Tramy, and improving the quality and efficiency of Tramy's agriculture. , to contribute to the improvement of Shanghai's agricultural energy level.