Tramy Party General Branch Launches Chinese New Year CondolencesPublish Time:2022-02-21 10:55

The Spring Festival is approaching, and the taste of the year is getting stronger. From January 25th to 27th, the Tramy Party General Branch led the team, and cooperated with the Tramy Youth League Branch to carry out the Spring Festival condolences, sending the organization's warmth and corporate greetings to the group employees, surrounding elderly and retired employees. At this reunion moment, it reflects The clear responsibility of the American party organization has always been fulfilled.

Over the past three days, the General Branch of the Tramy Party has visited the surrounding communities many times. On January 27, the general party branch came to Guangming Village, Xuanqiao Town, and a total of 869 Tramy gift packs were delivered to 70-year-olds.

On January 26, the general branch of Tramy Party came to Mingxiangyuan Community in Xuanqiao Town to send condolences to the elderly. Afterwards, Xu Gendi, secretary of the general branch of Tramy Party, and Wang Jiafei, secretary of Tramy Youth League branch, visited the elderly in Mingxiangyuan community. At the home of 82-year-old party member Tang Rongchu, Xu Gendi learned about the elderly's physical condition and daily life in detail. Seeing the old man in good health and spirit, Secretary Xu was very pleased. She said that the old party members have made significant contributions to the prosperity and development of the country, and are role models for the majority of Tramy party members.Tramy Group will always pay attention to their daily life and contribute to the happy life of the elderly with Tramy kinetic energy.

Pictured: On January 26, Xu Gendi and Mingxiangyuan Party Branch Secretary Wang Huaping

 (first from right) presented condolences to Tang Rongchu (first from left) and Min Huaxing (third from left).

Tramy has grown and grown, and human resources are the core. In the past 24 years, Tramy's excellent employees have emerged one after another. Tramy has a long-term relationship, and the management always misses the old employees on the road to Zhuangdao.

On the afternoon of the 26th, at the house of Zhang Zhufeng, a retired employee of Tramy, the old man was very moved. She sincerely thanked the chairman and the general manager for their care for the employees, and saw the true feelings through the years. Zhang Zhufeng retired in January 2006 and is 87 years old this year. Beginning in 2005, for 17 years, Tramy would arrange for someone to send her condolences during festivals. In 17 years, not a year was absent.

Pictured: On January 26, Xu Gendi and Zhang Zhufeng had a cordial conversation

In the afternoon of the same day, Secretary Xu Gendi came to the house of Cao Yadong, the former Secretary of the Party Branch and Deputy General Manager of the Group who retired in 2018. Secretary Xu carefully inquired about Mr. Cao's physical condition and retired life, and learned that his retirement life was full of leisure time. In his old age, he did not forget to persevere in his studies. Secretary Xu expressed his sincere admiration. The retirement life of this generation of Tramy seniors reflects the consistent spirit of Tramy people, living and learning until old, and never stop moving forward.

Pictured: On January 26, Xu Gendi condolences to Teacher Cao

Tramy has been innovating and starting a business for 24 years, striding forward without forgetting the way she came. It is this heavy emotion and responsibility that has helped the team continue to condense and grow, and promote the company to climb a new level while achieving itself.