Retrograde for people's livelihoodPublish Time:2022-04-29 10:12

Hearing the news that the community was about to be closed down, a large number of surrounding residents poured into the Tramy Sancai Road store in Sanlin Town on the afternoon of March 18.

At 17:05, i came to the door of No. 47, Sancai Road, Sanlin Town. He could feel the busy of the store from a distance. A Tramy cold chain car stopped at the roadside at the door of the store, and the customers who purchased poured in batch by batch. At the door of the store, unloading clerks come and go, unloading and loading back and forth. In the 150 square meter store, the checkout team is in a U shape, from the cashier counter at the entrance to the bean noodle cooler on the far left.

Bean noodles, green leafy vegetables, fruits, baking, serve after buying... "From 4:00 p.m., there are so many people inside." Said Lin Yanfei, manager of Sancai Road store. However, from 16:00 to 24:00, in the face of a full eight and a half hours of centralized shopping, the counters of the three color store are still full. Intensive scavenging in the store and continuous delivery of cold chain vehicles outside the store form an abundant supply closed loop, which seems to be a portrayal of the supply guarantee of Tramy's whole industry chain. During the epidemic period, in the face of the blowout demand for main and non-staple food, the group consolidated the dynamic energy of all departments of planting, breeding, processing and distribution, and all employees gave up rest and fought on the front line. Tramy is contributing to the people's livelihood of the city with the most energetic work. Let's make up a few stories one by one.

New impetus of urban agriculture

For the most scarce non-staple food, how about the supply of Tramy green leafy vegetables? The data from Tramy agricultural science and technology show that relying on more than 10000 mu of digital production base, more than 30000 mu of green leafy vegetable industry consortium and Tramy green leafy vegetable production capacity has been significantly improved. At present, the daily market volume of vegetables and other products supplied by the group has reached more than 800 tons.

On March 17, i came to Tramy mud city base to see the growth of Tramy green leafy vegetables. On the morning of the 17th, it was drizzling. i entered the base from Dalu line north road, a modern cream lettuce and vegetable greenhouse.

The light rain dripped to the top of the shed, where five or six workers were tidying up the leaves on the tidal bed. A piece of metal reflection in the greenhouse, hole plate, mechanized assembly line sowing plate, matrix and tide intelligent factory seedling raising mode, showing a sense of science and technology. Pieces of creamy lettuce stand upright on the tidal bed, and the leaves are fat and big, like holding flowers one after another.

When you enter the greenhouse, dozens of tidal beds stand side by side against the door, and then face south, you can see a large area of cream lettuce cultivated in soil. Tidal bed + soil culture has huge production capacity.

Nicheng base covers an area of 1200 Mu and has 1200 greenhouses. It supplies green leafy vegetables such as green stem vegetables, lettuce, oil wheat vegetables and yellow cabbage every year. It is one of the Tramy high-quality green leafy vegetable supply bases. Cheng Zhibao, deputy director of Tramy agricultural science and technology, introduced that before the epidemic, the production capacity of Nicheng base totaled 40 tons. From March 20, the production capacity of Nicheng base was increased, and the daily output of green leafy vegetables was up to 90 tons. The whole process of unified seedling raising, assembly line planting and assembly line harvesting. Because of segmented cultivation, the time of vegetables in the field is also significantly shortened. Taking lettuce as an example, seedling raising + transplanting is adopted, and the growth period of each crop is shortened by 10-15 days in March. The number of multiple cropping in the whole year is more than three. During the epidemic period, the base also shortened the fallow time, carried out seedling raising in larger quantities, and adjusted the production capacity.

At the head of the whole industrial chain, Tramy's crop production has consolidated the foundation and production capacity of ensuring supply through scientific and technological accumulation.

Late night traitor

On the manufacturing side, during the epidemic, in the face of fresh orders several times higher than usual, more than 600 production lines in 18 subordinate factories operated at full power and full load to fully produce people's livelihood food basket products. Vegetables alone, the order volume reached twice as much as usual.

Further increase manpower. From March 16, the group also mobilized a total of 176 administrative personnel to go to the workshop to support production, including Shen Huming, vice chairman of the group, Yu Zhouru, director of the Audit Department of the group and other management backbone to the production line to participate in distribution scheduling, product packaging and sorting.

In the evening, after 7 o'clock, a large number of cold chain vehicles are started. The task of night work has become the home of Tramy logistics. On the evening of March 18, Xiaobian followed yuan Mingyou, the delivery clerk of the fresh food logistics and Distribution Department, and experienced a guarantee supply trip on the spot.

At 8:00 p.m. on March 18, Xuanchun road was busy. Hundreds of cold chain vehicles rushed out of Tramy phase I, and the departure time of Tramy cold chain logistics was advanced.

8: 12. The destination is Songjiang. Yuan Mingyou has driven to the South Liugong intersection of Shenjiahu expressway. At this time, his front and back are green Tramy cold chain cars, dripping, dripping... One by one, passing through the gate, just like Tramy special show. In the next 12 hours, there will be more than 500 Tramy cold chain cars back and forth, transporting hundreds of tons of people's livelihood fresh food products to Tramy channel network all over Shanghai.

"Now the departure time of the team is generally two hours ahead of schedule. The store needs a large amount of goods and needs to be in a hurry. We need to ensure that the store opens on time tomorrow." Yuan Mingyou said. He looked at the navigation and arrived at the first destination Wenhan Road No. 1 store. It was still 62 kilometers away and more than an hour's drive. He stepped on the accelerator deeply and the cold chain truck sped forward. Outside the window, the environment is shrouded in a lonely night, and several sedans are scattered on the road. People are avoiding the epidemic.

Around 10 o'clock, after the delivery of the first store on Wenhan road. Yuan Mingyou came to the second destination... Tramy Songjiang store. The cold chain car was parked in a dark space. Yuan Mingyou called the store. After a while, the tired looking clerk opened the back door.

These days, the community behind the door of Songjiang store has been sealed off. The clerks can't go home. They eat and live in the store. The sales of the store have doubled. Employees rarely have time to rest during the day. They hurry up and squint for a while after closing.

When the hatch door opened, the cold chain car fell back, and with the light from the warehouse, Yuan Mingyou put down the hatch, adjusted the position, took out an iron hook and cooperated with the clerk to pull the goods inward. "Chinese cabbage, baby vegetables, green vegetables, cucumbers...", the first car is mainly green leafy vegetables, with the largest demand. Then at 4:00 am, the second car will bring bean noodles. When the last match - seafood, milk and other low-temperature products arrive, the day is already bright.

Chu Fei, deputy director of logistics warehousing and distribution center, introduced that since March, in order to ensure supply and improve transportation capacity as a whole, the distribution center requires the cold chain fleet to transport alternately for 24 hours, and all increase the distribution scope and frequency to ensure the continuous and smooth access of Tramy cold chain.

Before the epidemic, Yuan Mingyou distributed Wenhan Road stores 1 and 2 and Songjiang store 2 kilometers away. The current route extends to Songjiang University City, adding Yunqing store and danjiabang store. It takes an average of 14 hours to complete the distribution three times a night.

During the epidemic period, the traffic flow decreased, and Yuan Mingyou's way back was very smooth. After the distribution of Wenhan 2 store was completed, at 11:30, the cold chain car returned to the company 30 minutes earlier than before. Without taking a rest, he quickly unloaded the frame and loaded the goods. The second departure should be before 1 o'clock to ensure that the distribution store opened on time. "Next is Songjiang University Town, where the scenery is very good." He digested himself. At this time, No. 201 Xuanchun road is still in constant traffic flow.

New tasks for stores

On March 26, Shen Weiwei, the store manager of Tramy Luoshan No. 1 store, received a joint thank-you letter from the owners of Guangyang xinjingyuan in the surrounding community. 53 owners expressed their gratitude to the store manager "Waiwai Wai" (Shen Weiwei) of Tramy No. 1 store through wechat group.

The owner said: Tramy is the price of conscience.

Owner Zhu Zhu said: in special times, I'm grateful to have such a enthusiastic store manager!

While the owner Ruoxi praised him, he didn't forget to boast that store manager Shen is handsome and kind-hearted. Your efforts in special times will bring returns... Moda.

Luoshan Yidian is located in lane 1700, Luoshan Road, adjacent to the inner ring elevated road to the East, surrounded by three large residential communities, Jinxiu community, Guangyang xinjingyuan and Tiangui home. Since March 21, owners of three small communities have sent collective thanks to store manager Shen Weiwei.

At present, Tramy has nearly 700 channel stores in Shanghai, which are distributed around residents' communities like capillaries. Under the spread of the epidemic, these "Tramy neighbors" are doing everything possible to ensure the supply of main and non-staple food for residents.

Previously, knowing that it was inconvenient for the elderly in the three communities to shop, Shen Weiwei took the initiative to contact community volunteers to collect the owner's needs by hand. Since March 18, Guangyang xinjingyuan, Jinxiu community and tianjinggui home have been sealed and controlled one after another.

On March 21, the owners of Guangyang xinjingyuan contacted Shen Weiwei and asked to build a wechat group to meet the needs of the owners and buy goods in groups. Shen Weiwei confirmed decisively that on March 21, the Tramy shopping group, the owner of Guangyang xinjingyuan, was established. The next day, Jinxiu community Tramy shopping group and Tiangui home Tramy shopping group were established one after another.

In order to increase supply efficiency and ensure variety diversity. Shen Weiwei set up four distribution packages for group purchase, including vegetables, fruits, meat and dairy products. "The requirements should not be expensive, but should be supplied at a fair price". For example, vegetable bags are packed with five kinds of vegetables: green vegetables, lettuce, carrots, potatoes and thin skinned green peppers. Each variety is packed for eight to one kilogram, and the price is 30 yuan. Since then, at 8:00 every morning, the owners of the three groups began to connect in the group, the stores delivered in the afternoon, and the social supply mode began to operate.

At 9:00 p.m. on March 27, after the news that Pudong sealed the whole staff for nucleic acid examination was released, the three shopping groups were boiling.

What makes Shen Weiwei embarrassed is that according to the order receiving progress of the previous few days, the whole process of packaging and distribution can take up to four hours. It takes three hours just to pack. Now it's 9:30, and it's only more than an hour away from closing. It's too late.

"Just thinking is not the way". In a hurry, Shen Weiwei greeted two clerks, pushed up the scooter, loaded materials, and came to the door of the community for on-site operation.

One clerk received the order and posted the price code, while Shen Weiwei and another clerk packed on site. At the gate of Guangyang xinjingyuan, across the closed iron gate, Shen Weiwei and the volunteers in the community shouted, "now there are many people and it's dangerous to gather. After we collect the bill, 10 people come down and take it in groups".

From 10:15, the owners went downstairs to pick up the goods. At 10:45, a total of 120 materials in Guangyang xinjingyuan were picked up. At 11:12, 105 materials in Jinxiu community were picked up. At 1:20 a.m. the next day, 150 materials in tianjinggui home were finally delivered.

The above stories are a small cut in the supply guarantee of Tramy's whole industry chain. During this period, a large number of good people have emerged in all lines of the group, with limited space, which is not recorded one by one in this issue. Here, we express our highest respect to every Tramy colleague who is fighting in the front line of war epidemic protection and supply. Everyone has worked hard!