Tramy celebrates the 112th international working women's DayPublish Time:2022-04-29 10:51

On March 10, 2022, in order to celebrate the 112th international working women's day, the female employee representatives of Tramy Group gathered in the third report hall of the group to officially hold the activity of "honing a new journey and blooming her strength" - to celebrate the 112th international working women's day.

Fu Yaojuan, President of the group, Shen Jie, vice president, Xu gendi, Secretary of the general Party branch, Yu Zhouru, director of audit affairs department, pan Haijuan, director of audit affairs department, Fu Yaozhen,He Xuehua, Xu Chunxu, Song Lingping, He Yulan and Zhang Jie, executive members of the group's women, and women representatives from all departments of the group attended the meeting. Wang Jiafei, director of the group office, presided over the meeting.

At the beginning of the meeting, 36 military regulations propaganda films of Tramy Group were broadcast. After more than 20 minutes of cultural edification, the meeting entered the main link - speech exchange stage. Tramy women elites such as Fu Yaojuan, President of the group, Shen Jie, vice president, Xu gendi, Secretary of the general Party branch, and Yu Zhouru, director of audit affairs department made speeches on site.

Fu Yaojuan, President of the group, made a speech. She said that in recent years, under the correct leadership of the chairman, all members of the group and the majority of female employees have closely focused on the overall development situation of Tramy, continuously promoted the group to achieve leapfrog development with the sense of responsibility of ownership and the enterprising spirit of innovation, exploration and excellence. In the development process of Tramy, the majority of female compatriots have really lifted half of Tramy.

President Fu Yaojuan said that at present, Tramy has entered a critical period of high-quality development, which requires us to continuously improve our innovation ability and achieve connotative growth driven by innovation. In this case, she put forward the following expectations for all female employees.

First, clarify personal goals and constantly activate "her wisdom". The president said that the times we live in are changing all the time. Not only the rapid progress of science and technology, but also the development speed of the company is accelerating. In order not to be eliminated by the society, we need to keep up with the progress of the company. The majority of women compatriots should closely combine personal development with pure and beautiful development. In daily work, we should always demand ourselves with high standards, maintain crisis awareness, anchor goals, constantly cultivate and improve our ability, and enhance our competitiveness and post adaptability.

The second is to fully release "her strength" without fear of difficulties and obstacles. The current era has given women more and stronger power than in the past. They shine in their work and depict the face of contemporary women with professionalism and strength. There are also a large number of female executives in Tramy Group, such as the general Party branch, group office, audit department, review department, finance department, supply chain company, customer service and data center, factory, warehouse, engineering 2 Department, operation Department, monitoring room, etc. they are all proving women's "her power" with practical actions. In this world, most people are not geniuses. If you want to succeed, you must pay a lot of hardships and tears that others can't see. We should overcome difficulties with courage and fearless strength, and support half the sky of life and work with women's unique toughness and strength. Only when we are not afraid of difficulties and obstacles can we fully release "her strength".

Third, based on the post, have the courage to assume "her responsibility". Facing responsibility and avoiding is a barrier; Facing difficulties, it is a ladder of progress. Only by taking the initiative to take responsibility can we achieve rapid growth. The first step to take responsibility is to do one line, love one line, drill one line and refine one line in Tramy's post. If you don't have ordinary dedication, there will be no great dedication. Doing ordinary things well is extraordinary, and doing easy things well is not easy. Work should be more aware, think more, take more initiative, work steadily step by step, start with every "small matter" of the unit and department, actively participate in training, embrace change, adapt to adjustment, make positive contributions to the production and operation of the company, continue to carry forward the women's spirit of "self-esteem, self-confidence, autonomy and self-improvement", and become women of the new era with "ideals, morality, culture and discipline".

The president said that on the grand stage of Tramy, every woman has the opportunity to make her life brilliant and her dreams come true. As long as the majority of women fully contribute "her wisdom", release "her strength" and assume "her responsibilities", they will be able to inspire women's aspirations, pool their strength, highlight their beauty, strive for a new place in the strong competition, and create new brilliance in the unity and struggle.

Yu Zhouru, director of audit affairs department, previously worked as a senior manager of Deloitte, one of the world's four largest accounting firms. At the meeting, she brought the story of three elite women to the Tramy's professional workers present.

1.34 year old female leader

The first girl worked in the management of the firm. Because of her busy daily work, she didn't conceive her first child until she was 34 years old. She and her lover worked in the firm. What is impressive is that she came to work with her lover until she was five months pregnant. During that time, every time she saw her, she was full of energy, as if she didn't have any pregnancy pressure. She didn't go home for rest until one month before delivery. Sometimes, a person's working state is related to her dedication to her career. For people with lofty goals, their enthusiasm for struggle will not stop because of realistic conditions.

2. Young mothers who jump out of the comfort zone

The second girl is very beautiful and has temperament. She entered the office as soon as she graduated. She worked hard all the way and finally became a senior manager. Her family is very rich. She has a husband who has a good income and sells in a foreign enterprise. At home, the mother-in-law helped take care of the children and found an aunt to clean up regularly. This carefree life is enviable.

Until one day, her superior called her to the office and asked her to temporarily change her working environment and send her abroad to the United States. At that time, she hesitated whether to jump out of the comfort circle, put down the happiness of her family and her stable working state, go away from home and start again. After a fierce ideological struggle, she decided to go out for a break.

The girl worked in the United States for a year. After returning, she seemed to be a different person. Her temperament and aura improved greatly. The children at home also improved their English level by leaps and bounds because of their communication and study in the United States. Now she is very happy with the decision at that time to jump out of the comfort circle and enter a new beginning, which also means a new promotion. No matter men or women, sometimes it's a good thing to force yourself.

3. Cross professional market pioneer

The third girl majored in Japanese, but after graduation, she did not engage in translation related work, but directly made a big leap and came to an accounting firm as an auditor. In the workplace, interprofessional is a very difficult thing, but this girl is good at comprehensively judging her strengths and weaknesses. She has a short board with mismatched professional background and a long board with multilingual ability. The important thing is to develop strengths and avoid weaknesses. She found that the customers in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai had a close Japanese business background. With her strong language and communication skills, she opened up a large number of customers in Shanghai and Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, became the elite in marketing in the firm, and achieved success in fields other than learning major.

Shen Jie, vice president of the group, made a speech. In this warm and cold March, she first wishes every Tramy’s compatriots physical and mental health, family happiness, energy and spirit to develop vigorously like the group, and the overall appearance changes with each passing day and becomes more beautiful.

In his speech, President Shen brought you a topic about love. The so-called love is divided into big and small. The big one helps the world and the small one is alone. Over the years, Tramy has developed healthily and rapidly, and the platform has been growing day by day. Compared with the past, the majority of Tramy employees have enjoyed better living resources. With such achievements, relying on the innovation and persistence of the chairman and President of staff for many years, and based on the trust and dedication of all Tramy employees to the company, the group has made concerted efforts and collected firewood to build the existing enterprise scale of Tramy.

In the face of great achievements, what the majority of Tramy need to do is to spread this kindness and love, adhere to the spirit of struggle and struggle, and keep their original intention of serving the people's livelihood.

President Shen reminded, "you can't relax and relax because the conditions are good now, so you can't afford to suffer.". The conditions for living and struggling that could be endured in the past are still calm. The grass-roots work that could be done in the past is still done in great detail. Only when we continue to be down-to-earth and go all out to deal with any work can we be fearless, grow up and achieve greater success in Tramy.

President Shen said that the high-speed development of Tramy in the future is inseparable from the high-quality talent team who can fight a hard battle. Tramy loves talents, and the group is more willing to cultivate talents by itself. President Shen reminded that talents should be kind, confident and not lazy. Whether it is related to themselves or not, the company's business is their own business. If you are a talent, you can't be afraid. You should have the courage to shoulder heavy burdens and responsibilities. We are talents, and we can't be content with pleasure. She said that when people live for a lifetime, only struggle can reflect value, and only struggle can make people stay young and make progress forever.

She asked that the Tramy platform has developed so far. Please cherish it. We should fully trust the group's strategy, earnestly implement the operation orders, constantly create new achievements, and strive to be the rower of Tramy.

At the meeting, Pan Haijuan, director of the group's audit affairs department, He Xuehua, deputy director of the group's finance department, Yu Yuxuan, deputy director of the finance department, Li Li, deputy director of the marketing center, Han Danqiong, manager of the group's procurement department, Fei Xiaofang, manager of supply chain procurement and marketing, Xu Huiyan, warehouse and logistics manager, Xu Chunxu, foreman of longyougan workshop of the first plant, Shen Lihua, director of the second group of soybean milk workshop of the third plant, Wang Fei, financial manager of Tianzhi Zhang Hui, senior quality manager of Tianxin, and other female elites made reports and speeches one after another.