More than 200000 boxes of daily guaranteed gift bags for Tramy's resumption of work and productionPublish Time:2022-05-07 10:53

The long-term stability of the agricultural end has enabled Qingmei food processing.Tramy Food Industrial Park, located in Xuanqiao Town, Pudong New Area, has fully resumed production. While ensuring the "two guarantees" of epidemic prevention and control and production and supply, Tramy group has developed more than 10 high-quality and stable price group purchase gift bags, and provided customized material supply schemes for neighborhood committees and communities with special needs. It supplies more than 200000 boxes of all kinds of gift bags per day, with a daily delivery volume of more than 5000 tons.

Tramy vegetable base pressed the "acceleration key"

Tramy Shanghai 10000 mu digital agricultural base relies on digital, mechanized and automated agricultural technology to realize the continuous supply of vegetables 365 days a year and become a new force in ensuring the supply of local leafy vegetables. Under the epidemic situation in Shanghai, green leafy vegetables have become a "hot commodity" for a time. In the face of demand, Tramy vegetable base pressed the "acceleration key" to step up the collection and planting of green leafy vegetables loved by Shanghai citizens, such as green vegetables, lettuce, oil wheat vegetables, Hangzhou cabbage and chicken feather vegetables, so as to meet the market supply. Since March, about 100 tons of real estate green leafy vegetables have been continuously supplied to the Shanghai market in Tramy vegetable base every day.

In order to further improve the local vegetable supply, the base not only adopts the segmented cultivation method to reduce the occupation time of vegetables, but also greatly shortens the time of fallow and consolidation, carries out mass seedling raising, and goes all out to increase the vegetable production capacity. Taking lettuce as an example, after segmented seedling raising + mechanical transplanting, the growth period of each crop of lettuce can be shortened by 10-15 days in April, and the number of multiple cropping crops in the whole year can be increased by three crops. With the gradual unsealing of the surrounding Tramy vegetable industry consortium, the company has also increased the variety and quantity of vegetables harvested by the consortium. It is expected that the local vegetable production capacity in Shanghai can be doubled by the end of this month.

Through the settlement of management personnel, internal support deployment and other schemes, the factory has passed the community closure period with relative shortage of personnel. At present, more than 80% of the personnel have returned to their posts. By adjusting the product structure and increasing production shifts, the factory has been running at full power, and the production capacity has reached twice that of early March, but the supply is still in short supply. In the later stage, with the realization of the goal of comprehensive social clearance, after more community unsealed personnel return to their posts, the production personnel will be further supplemented, the material circulation will be more efficient, and the production capacity of Tramy food will be further released.

80% of employees have returned to their posts

Tramy group has held many online work meetings on epidemic prevention and control, formulated the closed-loop prevention and control plan of the whole plant, ensured continuous and orderly work during epidemic prevention and control, and achieved "no mistake" between epidemic prevention and control and production and supply guarantee. At the same time, the group quickly established the epidemic prevention and control emergency command center in combination with the two modules of emergency and normal prevention and control, and set up several working groups including nucleic acid test group, disinfection and sterilization group, logistics support group, accommodation management group and information contact group to implement the "three integrity principles" (full staff nucleic acid, whole area disinfection and sterilization and comprehensive assessment). All working groups obey the unified command, work in division and cooperation, so as to achieve a win-win situation in both epidemic prevention and supply protection.

Online group purchase will deliver the guaranteed supplies to the door of the community

Since the escalation of epidemic prevention and control in Shanghai, although the vast majority of store operators are unable to engage in store offline operation due to community closure, more than 70% of stores have resumed online group purchase. The group purchase orders are collected in the communities around the stores, and then produced through the whole industrial chain system of Tramy. Finally, the guaranteed supplies are delivered to the residents' door at the first time by Tramy cold chain logistics to meet the material supply needs of the isolated people at home. The group has developed more than 10 types of high-quality and stable price group purchase gift bags, such as vegetable gift bags, bean products gift bags, flour products gift bags, seasoning gift bags, fruit and meat gift bags, staple food gift bags, meat free gift bags, etc. it also provides customized material supply schemes for neighborhood committees and communities with special needs, with a daily supply of more than 200000 boxes of all kinds of gift bags and a daily delivery volume of more than 5000 tons.

Source: Zhoudap

Author: Qian Xin

Editors: Qian Xin, Zhang Yiqing