Efficient combination of government and enterprises to complete certificate processing in 23 hoursPublish Time:2022-06-07 12:31

Under the epidemic situation, Tramy company, as a key supplier in Shanghai, launched a variety of fresh food gift packs, and Shanghai Tramy fresh home network technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as fresh home) is the main operator of fresh food gift packs.

In order to further expand the scope of supply guarantee business, the company matches beef and mutton in the fresh food gift bag, but fresh home first needs to obtain the beef and mutton business qualification. The company actively reported the corresponding situation to the registration and licensing branch of the Pudong New Area market supervision and Administration Bureau, and expects to complete the change of Tramy fresh home food business license within 24 hours to increase the beef and mutton business qualification; The leaders of the registration and licensing branch attached great importance to it and actively coordinated the license processing progress. It took only 23 hours from the company submitting the application for change of food business license to obtaining the certificate.

Tramy company deeply felt that the registration and licensing branch promoted the release of management services, optimized the business environment and efficient work style, and led the company forward like a beam of light in the difficult period of epidemic protection and supply.